2015 80s Day at Loon Mountain with the Wyld Stallyns in the Bunyan Room. Whoa!

Bitchin’ tunes, blinding neon ski outfits, and Bud Heavy, what could be better than our first 80s day at Loon Mountain?

80s outfits, 80s tunes, and 80s characters at an 80s ski lodge

Add to the (apres ski) party the best 80s cover band in New England, Fast Times Boston, toss in a few hundred pairs of Ray Ban Aviators (with Croakies, of course), and witness Hulkamania running wild, brother! and what you end up with is the purest White Mountain entertainment - not an 80s euphemism for illegal narcotics.

Pants and Fizz at the 2015 80s Day at Loon Mountain with Fast Times Boston in the Bunyan Room
Wyld Stallyns!

Our annual 80s day recaps

2015 80s Day recap

Notes from the weekend:

Pants and Fizz shredding air guitars at the 2015 Loon Mtn 80s Day


  • 80s hair nation game on way up with Frank and Pants.  Pants was psyched!  It was as if the 80s Hair Nation game was with him all along.
  • (O)G’s Slopeside Retreat: Place is OG Loon Mtn. - Like single digit mug in the Bunyan Room mug club
  • Dinner @ Woodstock Brewery and Inn - gassed down plenty of frosty goggles and pig’s ears
  • Back to Slopeside Retreat for hilarity


  • 2015 80s Day Costume: Bill and Ted
  • Wake.  Watch Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (first annual). Crush a few beers whilst everyone skies.
  • Head to Bunyan room just before noon.  More beers.  More laughs.  Most triumphant [tossed air guitars].
  • Fast Times (Boston) in the Bunyan Room
  • Costume content: Hulk Hogan, Michael Jackson, and then Bill and Ted (us) in 3rd place
  • Maverick/Goose level high five to Hogan for knocking it out of the park.
  • Back to (O)G’s Slopeside Retreat: Almost everyone is out cold.  Strong day leads to weak night.  We remember this for the next 80s day.


  • Sadly, we don’t do Peg’s (Fadden's Maple Syrup is delicious).
  • Watched the exhilarating CBS special on Bernie Coffindaffer and his Crosses Across America project.  Pretty interesting stuff ... would have turned it into a drinking game if we weren’t leaving.
  • Said goodbye to (O)G’s Slopeside Retreat. Until next year.


  • The first Loon 80s Day we attended.
  • Watching Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure becomes mandatory in the years that follow.
  • Introduced Pants to the 80s Hair Nation Game
  • Hulk Hogan (guy was scrumtrulecent)
  • Having the Eye of the Tiger!

Clutch move of the weekend:

  • Being Bill & Ted
Ted and Socrates at the history report
Socrates loves ... he loves Loon Mountain!

Photos from 80s Weekend 2015

Creating the Bill and Ted costumes for 80s Day 2015
2015 1st Annual Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure 80s Weekend screening
The Bunyan Room at 80s Day Loon 2015
Slopeside at Loon Mountain in Lincoln, NH
Fast Times Boston playing 80s songs in The Bunyan Room (2015)
Bill and Ted at the Slopeside retreat
Sweet 80s outfit, Bro!
Hulk Hogan owning The Bunyan Room
Pants in a Bill and Ted's style phone booth at the Woodstock Brewery
Frank and Niner looking sharp in fluorescent

Exactly what are the rules of The Hair Nation Game?

The Hair Nation game is based off of the SiriusXM station of the same name.  The goal is to guess the band of the song being played before your opponent.  It’s as simple as that.

Recently, we have found that the game has become consistently too even - so we have instituted advanced rules to create more drama and higher point swings.

Note: Satellite radio sure beats having your entire winamp playlist get hosed when you add a song

Playing the Hair Nation Game on the way to the 2018 Loon Mtn 80s Day
The screen is crucial to prevent cheating.

What you need to play (two things)

  • Sirius XM (obviously)
  • Something to block the ID tag of the song that displays the Artist, Song, and Album.  (or the will not to look)

Opponents are optional, but the more the merrier.

Rules of the Hair Nation Game:

  • Basic: first to call out the band gets a point.  unlimited guesses.
  • Advanced: three guesses.  5 pts for correct on the first guess, 2 pts for second guess, 1 pt for third.
  • Variant(s): Point for song/album.
  • 80s Day Bonus:  everyone owes you a Frosty Goggle @ Woodstock if Skid Row’s "I Remember You" comes on and you rip it in full falsetto.

Oh, and be warned, the DJ will sometimes ruin the game - so make sure you tweet out to the them to stop announcing the song/band.

let us know how your game is going by using the hashtag: #HairNationGame

Journal entry from I-93 on the way to 2015 80s Day:

Currently, we are in the throes of the Hair Nation game as Pants, Frank and I are bombing down I-93 en route to (O)G's Slopeside Retreat. Pants jumped ahead to start with Ozzy/Lita and the Crue. After a few ties, I’ve put together a streak of David Lee Roth, Whitesnake, and Kiss that features me in the lead. Frank and Boozekarl amongst others have vied for the title but Pants has proven my greatest challenge yet.

Also, if Frank says he would have gotten a difficult one, it’s Jovi. Kid only knows Jovi.

Update: Pants just tied it with Kix! Most non-triumphant!

That wraps the recaps. Until next year ...

Be Excellent To Each Other!