Rock Bands & Artist Names That Start With The Letter A

Bands that start with:

  1. Adam and the Metal Hawks

    Adam and the Metal Hawks

    Long Die Rock!

  2. AC/DC
  3. Autograph


    9 albums, 1 hit. That hit is better than most bands with more "hits". Still, 9 albums is impressive.

  4. Alice N' Chains

    Alice N' Chains

    Alice N' Chains, and most notably, Layne Staley, were glam/hair metal before they went dirt.

  5. Alice Cooper

    Alice Cooper

    I don't know ... should we include him? Sure? Maybe?

  6. Alias


    Canadian rock group led by Freddy Curci and Steve DeMarchi. Other members included Roger Fisher, Steve Fossen, and Mike Derosier, formerly of Heart.