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Radio hits New Thing & Fly High Michelle helped Enuff Z'Nuff launch a 13 album career. Though the 90s creeps in, Enuff Z'Nuff keeps their hair (metal) long.

Enuff Z'Nuff Enuff Z'Nuff is the commercial pinnacle of a surprisingly prolific recording career. The band has released 13 studio albums, which is absolutely wild to consider. Enuff Z'Nuff was their self-titled debut album, and best selling. New Thing and Fly High Michelle are definitely worth listening to, and Finger on the Trigger is a hidden gem.

Enuff Z’Nuff - Gets In The Groove with the New Thing, then Flys High with Michelle, cause She Wants More.

Neon colors and a peace symbol adorn the album cover of Enuff Z'Nuff's self-titled album. The times were a changing on hair metal. Enuff Z'Nuff features a few songs that could be considered crossover tunes, helping to usher in the next genre and killing off hair metal in the process.

Love the Chip Z'Nuff bass guitar switches in the post chorus hits. Check it out in the video. Happens in the first 10 seconds. Also, 1:12 if you don't notice. At 2:28, Derek Frigo rolls through a bunch of guitars.

The set looks like Enuff Z'Nuff invaded an indoor Gotcha arena.

Also, dope shades!

A few good songs, nothing remarkable or otherworldly. The hits bolster Enuff Z'Nuff to a 6.

Enuff Z'Nuff notes

New Thing

Enuff Z'Nuff's hit song, New Thing really is a new thing. The verse is more 90s alternative rock than hair metal. The chorus goes full blown glam. Then back to a grunge-y post chorus.

I really loved this song growing up. Then forgot about it in the 90s. With time to reflect, I have to say that I still really like it. It's a lot better than the poor excuse for music today.

Frigo LOVES whammy tricks. One of the easiest ways to my 80s heart.

She Wants More

Enuff Z'Nuff teases an upbeat rocker in She Wants More, before scaling it back into an Alana Miles "Black Velvet" groove.

I'm guessing the more she wants is more time off from her 9 to 5. Yeah, must be.

Derek Frigo with tons of whammy action. There are some 90s rock elements to be found in the chorus.

Fly High Michelle

Synth pads! The video for Fly High Michelle was something. Enuff Z'Nuff was rocking out on a cloud, festooned in neons, leopard print(s), and audacious headwear.

YOU HAVE TO GIVE IT UP! The chorus is powerfully melodic.

Love the keys in the outro. That's good stuff, Donnie Vie.

Enuff Z'Nuff LOVES neon guitars. So do I. Where can I get one?!

Could probably buy them straight from Enuff Z'Nuff ... maybe they need the money?

Hot Little Summer Girl

Now this is hair metal!

Wintertime, Spring, and Fall ... Don't compare at all. So, if you're a girl from those seasons, don't waste Enuff Z'Nuff's time.

Fantastic Falsetto at 2:23! AHHHHHHHHHHH!

Hot Little Summer Girl is compact, hardly a wasted note.

In the Groove

Sleazy. I dig it.

In the Groove puts Chip Z'Nuff's bass at the forefront. Vikki Fox's kit cuts through the mix plenty. Blues and rock aside, Donnie Vie's vocals have a Bryan Adams like quality to them. Frigo employs some fluttery Satriani guitar licks in the solo.

In the Groove comes in at a lengthy 6 minutes and 45 seconds. Wow. Long time to be in the groove ...

Obligatory wail to end the song.

Little Indian Angel

Perhaps a bit racist? I'm gonna pass on Little Indian Angel. Next.

For Now

For Now operates in the Danger Danger zone, like something off the Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure soundtrack. It's a moderately light hair metal track that keeps a good beat.

Lyrically, I can't tell if this is the some of the very worst lyric writing of all time, or whether it's a philosophic masterpiece about Enuff Z'Nuff's place in hair metal and the changing of the musical guard that is about to be ushered in by 90s grunge. If it's the latter, wow. I mean, if they are using "you" emblematically in place of "hair metal" and appreciating the fleeting opportunity to live the dream and remaining in the moment ... then I ... well, I would just be out of words.

Kiss the Clown

I hear something that lies between Billy Idol and Soul Asylum on Kiss the Clown. Vikki Fox with some nice fills. Hey, while we are on the subject of Vikki Fox, where is the second X in his last name? Vikki Foxx is exponentially more hair metal than the single X could ever be.

I Could Never Be Without You

Absolutely bitchin intro to I Could Never Be Without You. NAILS the hair metal sound. The verse vox sound a bit ... Faith No More!? Is it just me?

Do Vie and Z'Nuff switch roles on this one? I can't figure it out.

Finger on the Trigger

Some nice work on the acoustic six string to start Finger on the Trigger off right.

Halfway through verse two and I'm tossing my hat in the bitchin' tune ring. Vie knows he can let the golden pipes rest after the album ends.

Enuff Z'Nuff Enuff Z'Nuff traverses glam, rock, and blues in equal share.

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