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Kane Roberts Saints and Sinners

Hair metal veteran Kane Roberts, aka Glambo, is the fighter the music world needs today. He needs to bring pop metal magic back to the world.

Kane 'Glambo' Roberts bestows glam rock magic unto the world with 1991's Saints and Sinners, Kane's second solo studio effort.

Saints and Sinners exercises its glam metal muscles from start to finish.

Kane invites John McCurry, Chuck Kentis, Steve Steele, and Myron Grombacher on a 45 minute glam rock adventure, courtesy of Geffen Records and producer/songwriter Desmond Child.

Saints and Sinners song notes

Wild Nights

Wild Nights keeps us waiting while the synth tiptoes in. Way to bring us in, Chuck!

Machine gun notes! Saints and Sinners gets rolling now. Forget looking tough, Kane sings tough. Better than crying tough like Poison.


Glambo wants to do down and dirty things to The Honourable Tania Rosamund Harcourt-Cooze. Being the honourable lady that she is, I am sure she refused his advances.

The post solo fake chorus I'M TWISTED was actually a strong songwriting move.

Does Anybody Really Fall in Love Anymore?

Hands up if this sounds like Bon Jovi to you. Good, cause he wrote it, along with Sambora, Desmond Child, and Diane Warren. Cher recorded Does Anybody Really Fall in Love Anymore? first, prior to Mr. Roberts getting ahold of it. Seeing as Jovi co-writer Desmond Child is a co-writer on every track on Saints and Sinners, it's safe to assume this was an easy sale. Bon Jovi would go on to record their own version as well.

The song sounds awfully similar to Living in Sin off of New Jersey. Kentis owns synth pads.

Kane's voice recursively sounds like the South Park guys trying to sound like Kane.

Dance Little Sister

If you told me that Danger Danger wrote Dance Little Sister, I'd believe you.

Why would you tell your little sister to dance? Seems like just the opposite thing that you should ... oh, right, he's not talking about his actual sister.


Kane feels you coming closer to the beat of his heart. Little sister, you have approximately two steps worth of distance to cover.

Rebel Heart

Chuck Kentis took piano lessons with the same teacher as Vince DiCola. Betcha five bucks that's true. You know DiCola from his work on the Transformers: The Movie and Rocky IV soundtracks. Speaking of Rocky, Kane is doing his best Stallone impression on the album cover. Makes sense, Kane is glam metal's Rambo.

Rebel Heart wants to be bad ass.

You Always Want It

You Always Want It When You Can't Have It. And when you can, causes it's the Sunset Strip.

Ahhhhh, the fade out chorus, always a choice decision.


Fighter is a bitchin' rock tune! It's has all of the ingredients:

  • Pinch harmonics
  • Sing-a-long chorus
  • Gang vocals
  • Anthemic lyrical content aimed at overcoming
  • Rippin' solo
  • Ample whammy
  • Clean super-chorus-pedaled guitar
  • Key change
  • Super power move high vocal end note

I'm Not Lookin' for an Angel

Church bell. Organs. And the sounds of an angel. Strong work, Glambo!

You ain't never gonna earn a halo, no way, you make a living on the devil's payroll. Strrrrrong lyrics. Kane, no one is lookin' for an angel. Hate to tell you.

Funny whammy technique on track 8.

Another choral fade out. Keeping it classy, Kane. Keeping it classy.

Too Far Gone

Too Far Gone to turn back on Saints and Sinners now. Let's see this (second) album through. There isn't much that is special about Too Far Gone, as it's fairly formulaic, right down to the key change. Hey, if you got the pipes, and most everyone in the 80s had them, go for it.

And that formula, it's solid gold. Hair metal is/was sooooo much better than all of the garbage that's on the radio today.

... what's a radio?

It's Only Over for You

I gave Chuck Kentis a lot of credit for taking Saints and Sinners to the top with his keyboards.

It's Only Over for You is how you end a glam rock album. I still feel the heartache. For whom, I'm not sure. Did Kane leave her? Did she leave Kane? Did he breakup with her because she was too good for him?

Did Kane let her down easy?

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