80s Day at Loon (2018) - Noles goes DLR Friday Night with his best jumpkick, before we all get on stage for Brooklyn

Bitchin’ tunes, blinding neon ski outfits, and Bud Heavy, what could be better than 80s day at Loon Mountain?

80s outfits, 80s tunes, and 80s characters at an 80s ski lodge

Add to the (apres ski) party the best 80s cover band in New England, Fast Times Boston, toss in a few hundred pairs of Ray Ban Aviators (with Croakies, of course), and witness Hulkamania running wild, brother! and what you end up with is the purest White Mountain entertainment - not an 80s euphemism for illegal narcotics.

Noles, Pants, and Fizz performing No Sleep Till Brooklyn at the 2018 80s Day at Loon Mountain with Fast Times Boston
Noles, Pants, and Fizz rocking No Sleep Till Brooklyn with Fast Times Boston at the 2018 80s Day @ Loon Mountain, Lincoln, NH - photo credit to @KapitolPhoto / @CROAKIES

Our annual 80s day recaps

80s Day highlights

No Sleep Till Brooklyn

80s Day band, Fast Times Boston invites Noles (Ad Rock), Pants (MCA), and Fizz (Mike D) to rock No Sleep Till Brooklyn with them. People then ask us if we are the real Beastie Boys.

Sad, considering MCA has passed away.


No Sleep Till Brooklyn @ 2018 80s Day 2018 video - it works

2018 80s Day recap

The taproom taps at the Kettlehead Brewing Company in Tilton, NH
Stopped for a beer on our way up / Kettlehead Brewing Company in Tilton, NH

Notes from the weekend:


  • Hair Nation Game riding up - introduced Noles to it.
  • Stop at Kettlehead, a new(ish) brewery in the Lakes Region (Tilton, NH). Grabbed some flights - Eldorado Falcons, Quest IPAs, Bomb Pops, and The Agent.  Strong start to the weekend.
  • "Hey, can I get the Brown Pow?  We are out.  Can I also have the Brown Pow!?  No … we are out.  Oh ... yeah."
  • Hustle to Deer Park Ski condo
  • Go over Brooklyn twice, consider ourselves "ready"
  • Shuttle Connection over to the Bunyan Room
  • Noles' jumpkick
  • Karaoke didn’t happen.  Seemed like it could have been a rad event.  Don’t know what happened.
  • Impromptu Lincoln/Woodstock pub crawl: Brittany’s, Gordi’s, Woodstock Inn and Brewery


Deep thought by Pants: Each Saturday morning of each epic year a spirited debate rages amongst us - to ski or not to ski? The debate is typically settled within seconds as PBR tall-boys enter our grips and a swift 'piss off' is bestowed upon the idea of a half ski day

  • 2018 80s Day Costume: The Beastie Boys
  • Watched Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure
  • Noles slept til 1230.  He even slept through "80s Day Wake Up"
  • Skipped Shuttle connection (sadly) - they were backed up
  • Got to the standing slush pool (Bud Light concert tent) during Fast Times soundcheck
  • Fast Times: New singer/lead guitar player Juli Morgan enabled a slightly different setlist than years past.  She lit up the tent with Katrina and the Waves "Walking on Sunshine"
  • Croakies rep took some dope photos
  • Got on stage halfway through set 2 for Brooklyn
  • Hit Brittany’s (again) on the way back to the Deer Park Ski condo
  • Grabbed 30s that never got opened (common theme)
  • Watched Hot Tub Time Machine & Sex Drive : Clark Duke absolutely slays in Sex Drive.


  • Had to reacquire the Diamond Dave jumpkick 80s outfit at Flapjacks.  It was loaned out on Friday night.
  • Peg’s was closed.  How dare they!
  • Stopped at the Central Ale House in Manchester, NH. Fun fact: you can pour your own beer. Slick.


  • The Woodstock Station guitar debate: The Gravel Project was playing.  Noles said lead guitar didn’t "own it" enough.  Someone had himself a few ice cold cruisers.
  • After 4 years of pretty much the same setlist, some new material would be nice.  I use "new" loosely as Fast Times is an 80s cover band after all.  But maybe a song from the Rocky IV or even Iron Eagle soundtrack wouldn’t hurt.  They do cover a tune from Eddie and the Cruisers, John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band’s "On the Dark Side".

Clutch move of the weekend:

  • Noles’ Diamond Dave jumpkick, replete with shimmy and point. Even more so than rocking "No Sleep Till Brooklyn" with Fast Times.


Photos from 80s weekend 2018

Playing the Hair Nation Game on the way to 80s Weekend 2018
Heading up to 80s weekend, Pants, Fizz, and Noles stop in at Kettlehead Brewing in Tilton, NH
The taproom at Kettlehead Brewing Company, Tilton, NH
Fast Times Boston playing the 10th Annual 80s Day at Loon Mountain in the Bud Light Concert Tent
The Beastie Boys took over the Bud Light Concert Tent at Loon Mountain's 80s Day, performing No Sleep Till Brooklyn with Fast Times Boston
The end of another successful 80s Day at the ski lodge
Pants and Noles waiting to get on stage with Fast Times Boston
Grabbing a flight of beers at Kettlehead Brewing Company, just off exit 20 on Route 93 in Tilton, NH