Rock Bands & Artist Names That Start With The Letter L

Bands that start with:

  1. Lynch Mob

    Lynch Mob

    Of COURSE you would call your band Lynch Mob when you have a last name like (George) Lynch.

  2. Love/Hate


    I'm not sure whether I love or hate, Love/Hate.

  3. Loudness


    Japanese metal!

  4. Lord Tracy

    Lord Tracy

    Lord Tracy didn't take themselves too seriously. And the public didn't either.

  5. London


    Even hair metal isn't above the name-your-band-after-a-city thing. London!

  6. Lizzy Borden

    Lizzy Borden

    Glam. So much glam.

  7. Little Caesar

    Little Caesar

    Maybe they liked the pizza chain?

  8. Lita Ford

    Lita Ford

    One of the baddest babes in rock and roll of all time. Superb talent, legendary music, and epic rock stories, Lita Ford had it all.

  9. Lion


    Lion appears on as many soundtracks as they have album/ep releases. This was only possible in the 80s ... I think

  10. Lillian Axe

    Lillian Axe

    Tons of lineup and sound changes. But the early days of Lillian Axe would label them squarely in the genre.

  11. Leviticus


    More Swedish Metal. More Christian Metal. More Swedish Christian Metal.

  12. LA Guns

    LA Guns

    The brainchild of Tracii Guns and Rob Gardner. Guns, because LA Gardners sounds like a professional croquet team.