Rock Bands & Artist Names That Start With The Letter T

Bands that start with:

  1. The Darkness
  2. Twisted Sister

    Twisted Sister

    Great name (Twisted Sister), good songs (I Wanna Rock), ass kickin' frontman (Dee Snider).

  3. Tuff


    Best known for rock ballad I Hate Kissing You Goodbye.

  4. T.S.O.L.


    These fellas definitely changed their sound over time. But, they were good enough to get on Headbanger's Ball.

  5. Trixter


    Paramus, New Jersey's own, Trixter. Trixter brought flannel to glam metal, making it not as glam. Or as metal.

  6. Triumph


    Choirs, crowd chants, synths, keyboards, gang vocals ... Triumph knows what it's doing.

  7. Treat


    Treat had some songs that were a treat.

  8. Tora Tora

    Tora Tora

    Because "Free Beer" was taken, the guys in Tora Tora went with ... uhhh ... Tora Tora.

  9. TNT


    TNT! Stellar name for a band. Norway really reallllly loved their glam metal.

  10. Tigertailz


    Welsh hair metal!

  11. Thunder


    Could there be a more metal band name?

  12. The Quireboys

    The Quireboys

    Tramps and Thieves they were, The Quireboys that is. Nothing too outstanding, otherwise you would have heard of them.

  13. Tesla


    Jeff Keith's excellent, Steven Tyler inspired vocals really helped solidify Tesla's place in hair metal history. Combine that with the tasty riffage of Skeoch and Hannon and you've got instant success.

  14. Tempest


    Evansville, Indiana Christian metal band, Tempest, wrote the same songs that every other Christian hair metal band out there.

  15. Takara


    Takara is from Los Angeles and formed in 1987. And there ya go, born into Hair Metal!

  16. T-Ride


    Funk glam metal from The Bay Area.