Hair Metal

Ugly Kid Joe

A California band that can best be described as the bridge between hair metal and 90s rock. Their big hits include Neighbor and Everything I Hate About You, a song that made its way into movies.

Sporting original hits like Neighbor and Everything About You, and a near chart topping version of Cats in the Cradle, Ugly Kid Joe gained a fair share of popularity in the early 90s.

Ugly Kid Joe, a Hair Metal rock band from United States
Ugly Kid Joe | United States


Perhaps they don't belong here. They looked grunge, they sounded a bit more grunge, but they opened for plenty of hair metal bands.

So they stay.

Band Members

It's fairly amazing that Ugly Kid Joe, a band from just outside of Los Angeles, has a guy named Zac Morris in it. They should check into hotels as Zack Attack.

  • Whitfield Crane (vocals)
  • Klaus Eichstadt (guitar)
  • Cordell Crockett (bass)
  • Dave Fortman (guitar)
  • Zac Morris (drums)

Former Band Members

  • Eric Phillips
  • Jonathan Spaulding
  • Mark Davis
  • Roger Lahr

Guests & Session Players

SNL's Julia Sweeney and Judas Priest's Rob Halford contributed guest vocals on their album, America's Least Wanted. Motorhead gutiar player, Phil Campbell appears on Uglier Than They Used Ta Be.


The hit: Everything About You

Ugly Kid Joe wrote the anti-hero of glam tunes in Everything About You. Instead of wanting to get in good with the ladies, they openly (and deeply) expressed their distaste of whomever the song was about. Presumably ladies.

Ugly Kid Joe FAQs

Who was the singer in Ugly Kid Joe?

Whitfield Crane. He is/was the singer during the years 1987-1997, and then 2010 to Present. They band disbanded for 13 years from 1997 to 2010, hence why there is a gap.

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