Rock Bands & Artist Names That Start With The Letter K

Bands that start with:

  1. Kane Roberts

    Kane Roberts

    Was Kane a saint? Was Kane a sinner? Was he both?

  2. Krokus


    Was someone in the band named Krokus? Did they have an aunt Krokus? I need to know why they chose Krokus!

  3. Kix


    Not much to say, Kix was a band, they had some songs, had enough gumption to make a hit. Kudos.

  4. Kiss


    Sure, let's toss them in here.

  5. Kingdom Come

    Kingdom Come

    Glam metal goes sultry with the erotic power ballad What Love Can Be. Who knew!?

  6. King Kobra

    King Kobra

    Don't think we didn't see what they did there with the K for Kobra.

  7. Killer Dwarfs

    Killer Dwarfs

    Is this hair metal or Dungeons and Dragons?

  8. Kik Tracee
  9. Kick Axe

    Kick Axe

    Saskatchewan's finest hair metal band? Maybe, eh?

  10. Keel


    Keel! Keel! Keel! ... did they appear?