Hair Metal

Kane Roberts

Kane Robers could sing. He could play guitar. He had a hit. Isn't that all anyone is looking for?

Was Kane a saint? Was Kane a sinner? Was he both?

Kane Roberts, a Hair Metal rock band from United States
Kane Roberts | United States


Kane borrowed Jovi's boy, Desmond Child to help him write his major hit, Fighter, off of his second album, Saints and Sinners. He also played with Alice Cooper, so, he's worthy.

Dude shows up on an amazing tune from the band, Maverick.


  • Kane Roberts (1987)
  • Saints And Sinners (1991)
  • Under A Wild Sky (1999)
  • New Place Now (2000)
  • Unsung Radio (2012)
  • The New Normal (2019)

The Hit: Fighter

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Kane Roberts Saints and Sinners album cover

Saints and Sinners

Kane Roberts