Rock Bands & Artist Names That Start With The Letter S

Bands that start with:

  1. Steel Panther

    Steel Panther

    They put the glam in glamorous. Probably even in glamping, too.

  2. Smashing Pumpkins

    Smashing Pumpkins

    Pumpkins had huge hits and amazingly distinct sound, thanks to a lot of guitar bends, a heavy amount of feedback, and Corgan's unique vocal tonality.

  3. Soundgarden


    Soundgarden was an American rock band formed in Seattle, Washington, in 1984 by singer and rhythm guitarist Chris Cornell, lead guitarist Kim Thayil, and bassist Hiro Yamamoto.

  4. Saraya


    Lighter, but the tones are still there.

  5. Scorpions


    In hair metal, you don't rock hurricanes, hurricanes rock you!

  6. Stryper


    I didn't listen to Stryper then, not going to start now.

  7. Stryken


    More Christian metal from Austin, TX.

  8. Steelheart


    Hailing from the very first flyover state, Norwalk, CT's own, Steelheart, hits some unbelievable vocal notes across their catalog of work.

  9. Steeler


    Not much to say, Steeler was a band, they had some songs, had enough gumption to make a hit. Kudos.

  10. Stage Dolls

    Stage Dolls

    Norway had more hair metal bands than you and I remember.

  11. Spread Eagle

    Spread Eagle

    A New York/Boston mashup of a band. Spread Eagle is just like a bunch of other failed hair metal bands. At least they tried.

  12. Southgang


    No doubters on a list of hair metal bands ... sayyyy the Top 200?

  13. Sons of Angels

    Sons of Angels

    More Norweigan metal!

  14. Smashed Gladys

    Smashed Gladys

    Sally Cato led Smashed Gladys on the mic, with Bart Lewis, J.D. Malo, and Matt Stelluto on drums.

  15. Slik Toxik

    Slik Toxik

    Sure, you could argue Slik Toxik shouldn't be included in a list of hair metal bands because their two albums came out in 1992 and 1994, but, they were Canadian and Canada is a few years behind.

  16. Sleze


    Not much to say, Sleze was a band, they had some songs, had enough gumption to make a hit. Kudos.

  17. Sleeze Beez

    Sleeze Beez

    Sleeze Beez are from the Netherlands! Yes!

  18. Slaughter


    Slaughter is/was a reformation of the Vinnie Vincent Invasion, sans Vinnie Vincent.

  19. Skid Row

    Skid Row

    Sebastian Bach, Dave "The Snake" Sabo, Rachel Bolan (a dude), Scotti Hill, and Rob Affuso made excellence on their self-titled debut album.

  20. Shout


    Not much to say, Shout was a band, they had some songs, had enough gumption to make a hit. Kudos.

  21. Shotgun Messiah

    Shotgun Messiah

    Shotgun Messiah is a bad ass name for a band!

  22. Shark Island

    Shark Island

    Like most hair metal bands of the late 80s, Shark Island had a residency on the Sunset Strip. And like most hair metal bands, lead vocalist Richard Black had kick ass vocals.

  23. Sea Hags

    Sea Hags

    Sleaze glam at its best, if it had a best.

  24. Sammy Hagar

    Sammy Hagar

    The Red Rocker!

  25. Saigon Kick

    Saigon Kick

    Roxx Gang and Saigon Kick make for back to back Floridian metal.