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Goo Goo Dolls Superstar Car Wash

The Goo Goo Dolls were one of the torchbearers of 90s Alt Rock, and it shows here on 1993's Superstar Car Wash, their fourth studio album. Could we be so bold to suggest that what we classified Alternative Rock in the 90s was really Power Pop Metal, just without the big hair of the 80s? I don't know, and somehow, that's just fine.

Fallin' Down is the best song the Goo Goo Dolls ever wrote. Then again, every song Rzeznik sings is why the Goo Goo Dolls had a 25+ year career.

Rzeznik had a killer flop of hair, huh? Ever notice that the dude hates sleeves?

Song Notes

Fallin' Down

The best song the Goo Goo Dolls ever recorded and released. My opinion, take it or leave it.

Fallin' Down is everything you ever wanted in a 90s rock song. The tone. The style. The simplicity. All things of a good power rock trio.

Yes, it falls short of representing alternative rock, as that spot belongs to Soul Asylum's Somebody to Shove (Grave Dancer's Union). But Fallin' Down isn't far behind. Strong way to kick off Superstar Car Wash.

Lucky Star

Alt rock with a punk twist. Lucky Star is garage band, and that's all it needs to be.

Cuz You're Gone

A great third track. Johnny Rzeznik can actually shred on guitar. Dude is a dual threat as lead singer and guitar player.

Cuz You're Gone is the prelude to A Boy Named Goo's Eyes Wide Open. Takac has got a great voice for backing vocals. Not meant as an insult, even though it seems that way.

Don't Worry

Tutuska hits. Doesn't get enough credit. Speaking of Tutuska and Don't Worry, dude did worry. Apparently he got into a battle over royalty checks for Fallin' Down and got bounced from the band by the time A Boy Named Goo came along.

Girl Right Next to Me

Rzeznik drops a shredding 80s hair metal solo. Who saw that coming!? I haven't delved into early Goo Goo Dolls, but I imagine they were hair metal influenced, but came out unscathed and played pop/alternative rock through the 90s.


Another bitchin' solo. Two of them in fact, if you include the outro solo. Love the layered vocals in the chorus. Domino was a solid tune.

We Are the Normal

Rzeznik and Paul Westerburg collaborated on We Are the Normal. Westerburg did many things. My favorite of which has gotta be Dyslexic Heart off the Singles Soundtrack.

We Are the Normal is definitely a 90s rock tune.

If you had a stache, you could work stage security in the early 90s!

String of Lies

Aggressive and in your face. Pants approves. Dials back in the chorus to ensure you can sing along.

String of Lies maintains Car Wash's string of Rzeznik solos!

Another Second Time Around

Sing-a-long chorus, power chord chugging verse ... feels like Another Second Time Around could have replaced Coyote Shivers on top of the Empire Recors facade when they threw the party to save the store.


Stop the World

Hard rock, almost 80's metal riff to open up Stop the World. You know the kind. It's the type that makes you hop on your Mongoose, crank up your Walkman, and layout a montage-worthy salvo of rad BMX tricks no the way to school.

Yeah, Stop the World channels your inner Cru Jones.

Already There

Feels like Takac wrote this tune after passing through the Southwest on an early album diy tour. Has got Tempe, AZ scene sensibilities. Why Tempe? Tempe was famous for producing the Gin Blossoms and The Refreshments, two bands that employ chiming, jangly guitars in tasteful ways.

On the Lie

On the Lie, or as I call it, American Bryan Adams.

Close Your Eyes

Takac wishes he had a saxophone. I'm guessing he could have bought a few thousand saxophones with the royalty checks from the City of Angels tune, Iris, that took over the airwaves of the spring of 1998.

So Far Away

More hard rock riffage. What happened to these Buffaloanians?

So Far Away would be a good track on any rock album. The song has all of the elements. This all makes it hard to believe that the Goo Goo Dolls have never played it live.

Great way to give a send off to Superstar Car Wash.

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