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The movie ain't half bad. Estevez, Piven, Cuba Gooding Jr., Dorff, not to mention Denis Leary and the dude from House of Pain (Everlast). Bunch of friends get lost in the city and take the wrong road. Chaos ensues. Everything goes wrong. Most recognizable actor makes it out alive. Tale as old as time.

JUDGMENT NIGHT! Pearl Jam, House of Pain, Cypress Hill, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Faith No More, and more 90s all-stars. Rap/Rock joins PB&J as a legendary duo.

This soundtrack actually produced singles, four of them. What is amazing is that Real Thing, by Pearl Jam and Cypress Hill, wasn't one of them. Tool and Rage had a collaboration that didn't make it onto the album - Can't Kill the Revolution. The Judgment Night soundtrack was years in the making, from Run DMC & Aerosmith's Walk This Way, to Anthrax and Public Enemy's Bring the Noise.

Judgment Night (the soundtrack) owes a lot of its success to producer Happy Walters. Walters managed Cypress Hill, House of Pain,

Judgment Night Soundtrack notes

Judgment Night is a film best known for its soundtrack. Labels needed the bands on the front of the album cover for that very reason.

Just Another Victim - Helmet / House of Pain

Two entirely different songs. Way to blend that rap/rock thing, eh?

Also, if you're in the movie, they pretty much have to put you on the soundtrack if you're a recording artist, right? Props to you, Everlast!

Fallin' - Teenage Fanclub / De La Soul

The song pairings were intelligent, and Teenage Fanclub and De La Soul's Fallin' is no different. Fallin' is the lightest fare on the entire menu.

My, Myself, & My Microphone - Living Colour / Run DMC

Bitchin' riff. Run DMC never leaves home without a microphone. Checks out.

Judgement Night - Biohazard / Onyx

A harder, tougher Slam!

Disorder - Slayer / Ice T


Slayer is to Ice T as Lemons are to Iced Tea. This was a lineup on par with the '92 Dream Team.

Holy dive bomb, Batman! Whammy fun serving as a solo early in the song. You know, before the huge, rippin' solo later. Dig it.

Machine gun drumming. All around a fun, ass kickin' tune.

Another Body Murdered - Faith No More / Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E.

There was an official video. No joke. Anyway, Everlast (House of Pain) credits Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. with being among the first rap-rock artists he knew of.

Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. vocalist has a bit of a Chuck D timbre.

Fun fact: Sir James Martin, founder of the Faith No More Spiritual and Theological Center, did not appear on Another Body Murdered. He was fired from FNM a months after the Judgment Night soundtrack was released.

I Love You Mary Jane - Sonic Youth / Cypress Hill

Only one person loved Mary Jane more than Cypress Hill, and that was Peter Parker. I Love You Mary Jane sounds like Cypress Hill just asked Sonic Youth to provide the backing music to a Black Sunday B-Side. It's basically Hits from the Bong II.

Freak Momma - Mudhoney / Sir Mix-A-Lot

Seattle! Macklemore was probably struttin' around in his underroos listening to this one.

Sir Mix-A-Lot does what his knighthood is known for over a heaping plate of Mudhoney's musical grunge-surf. This one goes out to all the Freak Momma's at Alki Beach.

Dinosaur Jr. drops their best 90s Alt-Rock groove riff, one that unsubtly approaches Rage Against the Machine territory.

Is that Mike D on drums?!

Come and Die - Therapy? / Fatal

Come and Die was co-written by a band named Fatal. You can't make this up. Angry, aggressive, and perfect for this soundtrack.

This was the original Sounds of SWC as far as I'm concerned. I'm gonna hide in the bushes and shoot you when you walk by! AMBUSH!

Whatcha gonna do, PL?

Real Thing - Pearl Jam / Cypress Hill

Best song on the entire Judgment Night soundtrack. Even Pearl Jam haters have to admit that early PJ, the music that was written by Stone and Jeff, and then augmented by the pure majesty that is Mike McCready, was excellent, blues-driven rock. B-Real met Stone and Jeff at Lollapalooza.

What is wild to me about Real Thing is that B-Real runs out of ammo. Has any rapper ever run out of bullets? To be researched!

Dave Abbruzzese hits hard. Always has. Always will. Matt Cameron is awesome, but a part of me always loved Dave on the kit.

Real Thing dropped two months after Black Sunday and a month before Vs., each artist's second album, so you could say that Cypress Hill and Pearl Jam were unequivocally on top of their game in the fall of 1993.

The Scottie Pippen of the group, Sen Dog always slays backing vox on all Cypress Hill choruses.

Would this song have been made two years later in the Vitalogy era? No, probably not.

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