Rock Bands & Artist Names That Start With The Letter N

Bands that start with:

  1. Nirvana


    Nirvana is a band that was best known for being led by Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic, and Dave Grohl. That, and, kicking off grunge. Or, in our view, killing hair metal.

  2. Nitro


    SOLID gold in the name department!

  3. Night Ranger

    Night Ranger

    Known for Sister Christian. Truly. Sister Christian is why you know of Night Ranger.

  4. Nelson


    So much bottle blond hair. So much Nelson!

  5. Nasty Idols

    Nasty Idols

    Winners of the greatest album title of all time, Gigolos on Parole, Nasty Idols were Swedish glam metal.