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Gorgeous model, Tawny Kitaen, known as David Coverdale's once wife, and, better known as the Here I Go Again girl, got her start with this music video.

Oh Tawny, you were the best. Thank you for being in this video.

Whitesnake crushes with their video for Still of the Night, a huge, bad ass hit from 1987's self-titled album, Whitesnake. Still of the Night held the Power Track #3 slot on the album and the band clearly knew what they had in the song from the get go.

Video director, Marty Callner, suggested that they put Coverdale's future wife in the video. And that's how the legend of Tawny Kitaen was born.

She then went on to make perhaps the most famous video in all of 80s hair metal; a video so outstanding, so excellent, so pure - how pure?

100% Colombian Pure

A video that would change the world forever, and that video was Whitesnake's Here I Go Again.

Still of the Night video commentary

  • Huge slide down on the guitar and there's Kitaen, doing Kitaen things like toweling off in front of a small fan
  • And there's Coverdale doing Coverdale things like a mic stand pump silhouetted by the moon
  • "In the still of the night I hear the wolf howl, honey, Sniffing around your door" ... and we're off
  • In The Still Of The Night has a Immigrant Song as done by Black Sabbath riff. It's gold. Absolute gold.
  • Is it us, or does Kitaen look like Bryce from Aspen Extreme at 0:39 in the video?
  • 0:46 and Kitaen finds herself in the presence of a Jaguar. Girl just can't avoid it.
  • 0:59 and neither can Coverdale. Is it Kitaen or the Jag that he wants to get close to and taste the love so sweet? Perhaps both?
  • 1:09 Kitaen gets misted with the dew of stardom.
  • Pause at 1:42 and check out Coverdale's face. That's all.
  • A lot of finger licking as the bass gets played with the hand coming over the fretboard as opposed to under. A class maneuver if there ever was one.
  • Let's just change David's surname to Smolderdale.
  • No one in the history of time has ever made a yellow bolt down bollard sexier than Tawny Kitaen.
  • At 2:01, David Coverdale calls upon the Unearthly powers of the Moon to guide him to the (everyday) loving arms of Ms. Kitaen.
  • The strings are a phenomenal addition to the tune. 2+ minutes of excellence.
  • Drummer gets the obligatory stick twirl in now that we've returned to the main riff. It's such a staple to 80s hair metal videos that you can't even really say you got on MtV without one.


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