Rock Bands & Artist Names That Start With The Letter B

Bands that start with:

  1. Bang Camaro

    Bang Camaro

    The best band of all-time, Boston's Bang Camaro is an electrified war party of vocal rogues, guitar warlocks, and one bad-ass bass barbarian.

  2. BulletBoys


    Strong band name. Solid tunes.

  3. Britny Fox

    Britny Fox

    Britny Fox sounds more like a dancer than a band. True story.

  4. Brighton Rock

    Brighton Rock

    Much like your Canadian girlfriend, the band was born in Niagara Falls

  5. Bride


    Oh look at that, back to Christian metal.

  6. Bonham


    Son of the legend, Jason Bonham puts together a crew for rockin' out.

  7. Bon Jovi

    Bon Jovi

    They had the identity, they had the look, they had outrageous talent, and they crushed it.

  8. Blue Murder

    Blue Murder

    The only Blue Murder we condone is murdering a case of Labatt's Blue.

  9. Bloodgood


    Back, with more Christian metal. More metal than hair.

  10. Blonz


    Total 80s hair metal move to go from The Dirty Blondes to Blonz, with a z.

  11. Black 'n Blue

    Black 'n Blue

    Could you imagine a hair metal band hailing from Portland(ia) today? We can't.

  12. Bitch


    Theatrical, heavy, glam(ish), female-fronted, and quite the name ... you tell them, Betsy!

  13. Beggars & Thieves

    Beggars & Thieves

    Good band name. Great song name. Solid gold album title.

  14. Barren Cross

    Barren Cross

    Christian glam metal ...

  15. Bang Tango

    Bang Tango

    What. A. Name.

  16. Badlands


    Some glam, some blues, some hard rock, Badlands could perform.

  17. Bad4Good


    Steve Vai (Guitar God) put together this quartet of glam rockin' teenagers.

  18. Bad English

    Bad English

    John Waite, some boys from Journey, and a few other guys. What could go wrong? Nothing.

  19. Bad Company

    Bad Company

    Do they belong here? Don't they ...

  20. Babylon A.D.

    Babylon A.D.

    Hair metal from The Bay Area, Babylon A.D. had a few worthwhile songs.