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Guns N' Roses

Sunset Strip legends. Pure and simple, like the illicit drugs they were doing.

Guns N' Roses, a Hair Metal rock band from United States
Guns N' Roses | United States


Of all of the hair metal bands, perhaps the least deserving of the title. G'N'R' teased plenty of bangs, no doubt, but Aqua Net band they were not. Guns had a street tough imagine with songs to match. They were the kind of kids who would punch you in the face without bothering to take the cigarette out of their mouth first.

They could rock, they could take a serious tone, they could write a song like I Used To Love Her with a straight face and leave you wondering if it was a joke, dead serious, or both, all at the same time.

And through it all, they could party. FOR THE BAND!

Guns N' Roses Band Members

The classic lineup of G'N'R is the crew that wrote, recorded and released Appetite. That includes Rose, Slash, McKagan, Stradlin, and Adler.

  • Axl Rose
  • Dizzy Reed
  • Duff McKagan
  • Frank Ferrer
  • Melissa Reese
  • Richard Fortus
  • Slash

Guns 'N Roses Past Members

  • Gilby Clarke
  • Izzy Stradlin
  • Matt Sorum
  • Steven Adler

Guns N' Roses Albums/Discography

Guns N' Roses Biggest Hit: Sweet Child o' Mine

I hate, HATE to give it to Sweet Child o' Mine, but it won an American Music Award. Not their best song, but, it is what it is.

712 million views on Youtube helps solidify that.

Other Guns N' Roses Hit Songs

  • Don't Cry
  • Mr. Brownstone
  • November Rain
  • Paradise City
  • Patience
  • Welcome to the Jungle
  • You Could Be Mine

Guns N' Roses FAQs

Did Don Henley ever play with GNR?

Yes, Don Henley played drums on Patience live at the 1989 American Music Awards.

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