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Do you really wanna taste it is the primary question that this soundtrack asks. Being asked if you really wanna taste it is like when someone asks you if you're a god. The answer is yes.

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The Glam Metal Glory That is The Peacemaker. Do You Really Wanna Taste It?

When you need a dose of hair metal, apparently you turn to James Gunn. With absolutely zero shyness, filmmaker James Francis Gunn Jr. gives us the grand tour of hair metal songs in the hit John Cena show, Peacemaker. What’s crazy is that that grand tour is mostly of C/D grade hair metal bands.

Sure, we love Tigertailz. But show of hands, how many of you had heard the song, Love Bomb prior to its inclusion on the Peacemaker?

That’s what makes the Peacemaker soundtrack so special, it takes a dusty milk crate of 80s records and tosses them back on the turntable, figuratively speaking.

Songs in the Peacemaker

Do Ya Wanna Taste It (Wig Wam)

Where it appears in Peacemaker

Welcome To The Church Of Rock And Roll – Foxy Shazam

Grind Queen and The Darkness into a fine white powder (you see where we're going), and then mold them into the shape of playing dice. Then roll snake eyes. That's how you summon Foxy Shazam into the world.

Their lead singer, Eric Nally, has all the requisite moves to dominate the stage. He and the band have even shared said stage with another band on this list, Bang Camaro. You can also find Nally singing along with Macklemore in his song Downtown.

Where it appears in Peacemaker

Welcome To The Church Of Rock And Roll is in Episode 1 (A Whole New Whirled). Peacemaker visits his father's house to get Eagly. There it plays.

Come On Come On (Nashville Pussy)

Come On Come On is a song whose lyrics sound like they were written verbatim from a scene in the show. Almost as if Nashville Pussy found a Bill & Ted's Phonebooth and traveled forward in time to uncover the words to their next hit - one that would be in the very show they were uttered from.

Where it appears in Peacemaker

Peacemaker has just left Adebayo and he's driving down the road. Also in Episode 1.

Summertime Girls – Y&T

What better way to dive into the possibilities of a love interest than to play Summertime Girls by Y&T.

Where it appears in Peacemaker

Peacemaker is impressed with Harcourt kicking the crap outta some guy at the bar in Episode 1. That's when Y&T lights up the jukebox.

Night Of Passion – The Poodles

These are the hardest Poodles the world has ever seen. Move over Rottweilers. Goodbye Siberian Huskies. Adios German Shepherds. Poodles are now the toughest pups in the land.

Where it appears in Peacemaker

Peacemaker finds himself in a bathroom tryst for one night of passion in Episode 1's bar scene with Harcourt.

I Don’t Love You Anymore – The Quireboys

I Don't Love You Anymore almost sounds like a poorly re-written cover of itself. Which is the greatest compliment we could pay it. Thank you, The Quireboys for impressing us with this tune you penned between 1989-1990.

Where it appears in Peacemaker

Peacemaker checks out a collection of records post-coitally, right before he jumps out the window like The Butterfly's dad came home.

Amazing fact, the most excellent 80s hair metal albums belonged to The Butterfly. Thank you, Episode 1.

Love Bomb Baby – Tigertailz

The best song Tigertailz ever released. And maybe the only song they ever released. But when you release a slice of heaven as thick as this 3-minute ditty, you're allowed to only release one song.

We're somewhat confident that other than Tigertailz parents, we were the only people who had ever listened to this song prior to its inclusion in Peacemaker.

Welsh metal for the win.

Where it appears in Peacemaker

Gunn takes it literal and Peacemaker releases the love bomb, killing the Butterfly to conclude the show's first Episode.

7 O’clock – The Quireboys

Borderline Crazy – The Cruel Intentions

Don’t Treat Me Bad – Firehouse

Drag Me Down – Santa Cruz

Peacemaker - Antonio Gradanti

Boots On Rocks Off – Dust Bowl Jokies

Pumped Up Kicks – John Murphy feat. Ralph Saenz

Would You Love A Creature – Sister

Six Feet Under – Kissin’ Dynamite

Push Push (Lady Lightning) – Bang Camaro

How do you turn the volume down on 15+ guys screaming Let's Make Electric Fire!!! ... the answer is you cannot. Push Push (Lady Lightning) is the first track off of Bang Camaro I, the debut album of legendary man band, Bang Camaro. Gunn's inclusion of this song in Peacemaker resurrected the one thing that this world needed most, another album from the band.

Perhaps Gunn will include a track off of Bang Camaro III in Season 2 of his hit show.

Where it appears in Peacemaker

James Gunn rightfully invokes the power of the world's greatest band, Boston's own, Bang Camaro at the end of Episode 3, rolling right into the credits.


Beat The Bullet – Vain

I Wanna Be With You – Pretty Boy Floyd

Jawbreaker – The Cruel Intentions

House of Pain – Faster Pussycat

Enemy In Me – Vains Of Jenna

Fight Song (Sister Sin)

Sister Sin's Fight Song is like Skid Row goes Megadeath. And it was released in 2012. Good for these Swedish Metal headbangers.

Where it appears in Peacemaker

Vigilante and Peacemaker are ripping out some sick air guitar moves in Episode 5 (Monkey Dory).

11th Street Kids – Hanoi Rocks

The Both Of Us – House Of Lords

How Come It Never Rains – Dogs D'Amour

Fallen Star – Hanoi Rocks

The Human Paradox – Dynazty

New Thing — Enuff Z'Nuff

Barbie Girl — Aqua

Monster — Reckless Love

Home Sweet Home — John Cena

Kiss Me Deadly — Lita Ford

Home Sweet Home — Motley Crue

In My Dreams — Wig Wam

Don't Close Your Eyes — Kix

Hot Cherie — Hardline

By The Grace Of God — The Hellacopters

Set The Night On Fire — Pretty Boy Floyd

If You Really Really Love Me — Steel Panther

Do Ya Wanna Taste It – Wig Wam

Apologize — The Last Vegas

You Can't Kill My Rock 'N Roll — Hardcore Superstar

Peacemaker FAQs

When was Peacemaker released?

Peacemaker was released on January 13, 2022.

Who sings the Peacemaker opening theme song?

Wig Wam sings the opening theme song to the Peacemaker. Their song, Do You Wanna Taste It, plays over the opening dance credits to the show. That dance routine may just be the very best part of Peacemaker.

As for Gunn and Wig Wam, he told Billboard this:

“I knew about them for a while. I read a bunch of books on hair metal and I started searching sites where you go to find different types of music. I get really heavily into different types of music at different times. I was really, really into power pop for a while and I have hundreds and hundreds of obscure power pop albums on disc. I got really into Swedish rock for a while and I would write on the Swedish music blogs and talk to the guys putting them together… and then I got into this. I got into hair metal and Wig Wam, for that type of modern European sleaze rock, they are not that unknown.”

What piano music is played on the Peacemaker?

The piano music in the HBO Max show Peacemaker is John Cena’s version of Motley Crue’s Home Sweet Home.

Who wrote the musical score for the show?

Clint Mansell & Kevin Kiner wrote the score.

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