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Motley Crue

They walked the walk and talked the talk. 100 million records sold, arrests, drugs, near death experiences. They did it all.

Motley Crue, is hands down, one of the best bands to ever grace the American Airwaves.

Motley Crue, a Hair Metal rock band from United States
Motley Crue | United States


So much can (and has) been said about Mötley Crüe. They are THE hair metal band of all hair metal bands. The Dirt, both the book, and the movie, are among some of the most fun entertainment of all-time. And, their music is fun as hell.

Motley Crue Band Members

The original band members are also the same band members currently touring. Interestingly enough, Tommy Lee broke a few ribs and is being aided by Tommy Clufetos on drums during the current tour (The Stadium Tour) with Def Leppard, Poison and Joan Jett.

Past Motley Crue Band Members

  • John Corabi
  • Randy Castillo
  • Samantha Maloney

Current Touring Members

  • Bailey Smith
  • Hannah Sutton
  • Laura D'Anzieri

Past Touring Members

  • Allison Kyler
  • Annalisia Simone
  • Emi Canyn
  • Donna McDaniel
  • Jozie DiMaria
  • Marty
  • Morgan Rose
  • Pearl Aday
  • Sofia Toufa

Motley Crue Albums/Discography

Motley Crue's Biggest Hit: Kickstart My Heart

You could take your pick, they had a ton of hits. But perhaps none so fun and kick ass as Kickstart My Heart. We are overlooking Billboard results on this one. This is the hit. No song exemplified the Crue like Kickstart My Heart.

Reviews of Motley Crue Albums

Motley Crue Dr. Feelgood album cover

Dr. Feelgood

Motley Crue