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Bang Camaro

Rippin' guitar solos, thunderous basslines, and a dozen dudes forming the world's greatest choir. Yes, ladies, they know you like their band.

The best band of all-time, Boston's Bang Camaro is an electrified war party of vocal rogues, guitar warlocks, and one bad-ass bass barbarian.

Bang Camaro, a Modern Rock rock band from United States
Bang Camaro | United States


Not even kidding. Bang Camaro is the best band of all-time. They do everything better than your favorite band, including having the highest hit-to-track success rate of songs in a band's catalog. Because you can't beat 100%

The band was formed in Boston in 2005, with said guitar warlocks, Bryn Bennett and Alex Necochea deciding that the world needed the real life metal equivalent of Wyld Stallyns to form up like a beer-chugging rock & roll Voltron.

Taking all of the best ideas of classic rock, heavy metal, and glam metal, Bennett and Necochea formed a band centered around massive Def Leppard choruses by trotting out anywhere from 8-16 singers on stage to form the Bang Camaro choir. Like a metal version of the Wu-Tang Clan, only way more raw, that same choir of Nightlife Commandos belts out massive choral lines on songs like Push Push (Lady Lightning), Pleasure (Pleasure), Revolution, and Night Lies.

That's to say nothing of the bitchin' guitar solos and world class hi-watt riffage. The only thing with more grit than Doz's basslines on Thunderclap (BC II) is having 12 dudes on stage at The Paradise spitting an aersolized mist of Miller High Life, sweat, and your girlfriend's lipstick all over the first 2-3 rows of the crowd.

They know you like their band. Perhaps the only thing they were missing was a MTV video starring Tawny Kitaen. That said, Tawny dancing on the old white Camaro van would have been next level cinematography.

The Sound of Our Town

Brett Milano includes Bang Camaro in his 2007 book, The Sound of Our Town, a musical exploration of the great city of Boston.

Given how recent the band was at the time, they must have made quite the impression on the fellow to get the nod. Brett discusses The Rat, Club 47, the Lizard Lounge, as well as Aerosmith and The Cars.

Check It Out.

Bang Camaro Band Members

  • Alex Necochea – rhythm guitar, lead guitar
  • Bryn Bennett – lead guitar
  • Dave "Doz" Riley – bass guitar
  • Seth Kasper – drums
  • Rodrigo Van Stoli – vocals
  • Morgan Brown – vocals
  • Nick Given – vocals
  • Richie Hoss – vocals
  • Glen Fant – vocals
  • Steve Trombley – vocals
  • Mike Soltoff – vocals
  • Zach Given – vocals
  • Jake Given – vocals
  • Jay Clifford – vocals
  • Andrew Wright - vocals
  • Andre Coles – vocals
  • Dick Valentine – vocals
Bang Camaro's musicians and choir members hanging out a a bar
Dude Power runs on Whiskey

Past Members

  • Maclaine Diemer – guitar, keyboards
  • Mike Oor – guitar
  • Peter McCarthy – drums
  • Andy Dole – drums
  • Dylan Halacy – drums
  • Graeme Hall – vocals
  • Sean Barry – vocals
  • Jay Marsh – vocals
  • Keith Wales – vocals
  • James Fant – vocals
  • Justin Buckley – vocals
  • Max Heinegg – vocals
  • Mike McKay – vocals
  • Nate Wells – vocals
  • Robb Waters – vocals
  • Christopher Pappas – vocals
  • Jim Sargent – vocals


All three albums were recorded with Mike Quinn. Yes, we said three, as the recording of Bang Camaro III is in progress with Bryn, Alex and Camaro bass player, Doz putting together an album's worth of material.

That's quite the layoff from the first two albums which were released in 2007 and 2008. Nevertheless, they persisted.

Recording Bang Camaro III

This is the statement from the band that was released on 6/7/2022 regarding Bang Camaro III. It seems that their recent feature on the John Cena led hit show The Peacemaker has inspired the boys to get back in the studio and crank out more hits.

  • Too Fast to Fall in Love (Released 12/01/2022)
  • We Know You Know (Released 1/12/2022)

The Hit: The Hit

Track Nine on Bang Camaro II is titled, "The Hit", so naturally, it's The Hit.

It's not really Bang Camaro's biggest hit, but who are we to argue with the band?

It's Camaro Thursday, time to get the weekend started!

And those parties got started down at the Sound Museum in Allston, if we're not mistaken.

Guitar Hero & Rock Band Video Games

Bang Camaro managed to get their songs into each series, Guitar Hero and Rock Band. They include:

  • Push Push (Lady Lightning) on Guitar Hero II
  • Pleasure (Pleasure) on Rock Band
  • Rock Rebellion on Rock Band
  • Night Lies on Rock Band
  • Blood Red Rock on Rock Band

How many singers in Bang Camaro?

There are anywhere from 6 to 15 singers in Bang Camaro at any given time. A trio of women have joined the group, so Bang Camaro doesn't quite run solely on dude power anymore.

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