80s Day @ Loon Mountain (Bunyan Room)

80s day at Loon Mountain turns the 80s ski lodge into a drunken slush pool of neon outfits, Croakies, Diamond Dave jumpkicks, Bud Heavy, & Fast Times Boston.

Noles, Pants, and Fizz performing No Sleep Till Brooklyn at the 2018 80s Day at Loon Mountain with Fast Times Boston
80s Day @ Loon

The Best Slope-Side Après-Ski Party

Bitchin’ tunes, blinding neon ski outfits, and Bud Heavy, what could be better than 80s day at Loon Mountain?

80s outfits, 80s tunes, and 80s characters at an 80s ski lodge

Add to the (apres ski) party the best 80s cover band in New England, [Fast Times Boston][1], toss in a few hundred pairs of Ray Ban Aviators (with Croakies, of course), and witness Hulkamania running wild, brother! and what you end up with is the purest White Mountain entertainment - not an 80s euphemism for illegal narcotics.

Noles, Pants, and Fizz performing No Sleep Till Brooklyn at the 2018 80s Day at Loon Mountain with Fast Times Boston
Noles, Pants, and Fizz rocking No Sleep Till Brooklyn with Fast Times Boston at the 2018 80s Day @ Loon Mountain, Lincoln, NH - photo credit to @KapitolPhoto / @CROAKIES

Our annual 80s day recaps

80s Day highlights

No Sleep Till Brooklyn

80s Day band, Fast Times Boston invites Noles (Ad Rock), Pants (MCA), and Fizz (Mike D) to rock No Sleep Till Brooklyn with them. People then ask us if we are the real Beastie Boys.

Sad, considering MCA has passed away.

No Sleep Till Brooklyn @ 2018 80s Day 2018 video - it works

Hulk Hogan owned the 2015 80s Day

The Hulkster must have leg dropped at least a dozen ice cold cruisers (Bud Heavy), maybe two, after winning the 80s Day costume contest. Guy was a legend.

80s Day Loon - Hulk Hogan owning the day
Let this be a lesson to all the little Hulkamaniacs out there

What was Loon Mountain like in the 80s?

Loon was THE 80s ski lodge, THE 80s mountain of 80s mountains. If you lived in Boston and you were going skiing, one of the toughest sports to master, you were going to Loon.

Not Sunday River. Not Killington. No, Loon mtn.  I was there, it was a bastion of multi-colored, sleeveless vests, crimped hair, and lawlessness.

Picture this: Weekend warriors bombing down I-93 in their IROC-Z, arguing their side of The Great Debate (Roth vs. Hagar).  Skin tight neon onesies worn over black spandex, the quintessential 80s attire.  Skiers, enjoying a cold Stroh's at apres ski, talking about the new [North Peak triple chairlift][7].

Everything was Yo Soy Fiesta in the 80s.

80s Day Loon, The Light in neon
"The Light!"

Loon Mtn is the White Mountains most accessible set of slopes, with Lincoln, NH being right off of I-93, and the mountain a few miles off of the exit.  Just a couple of hours from Boston, it is estimated that Loon serves the most skiers in the state.

Access to Loon was dependable in a way that other mountains just couldn’t offer.  Everyone and their brother has a story about breaking down on some windy 45 minute access road mid-blizzard (note: the blizzard of '78 was NOT in the 80s).

And unless you were Zack Morris, you didn’t have a cellphone to call for help. The predictability of getting to Loon in your Camaro was more of a sure thing.

When did Loon host their first 80s day?

A decade ago, as 2018 was the 10th Annual 80s Day at Loon Mountain.  Fast Times, has danced and rocked 8 of them.  From 80s trivia to aerobics, different events have played out over the weekend.

80s ski fashion: what you should (and shouldn’t) wear to 80s day

The number one thing to remember is that gaudy is good.  Think neon.  A fair share of neon.  Copious amounts of neon. All the neon!

So much so that it looks like a neon bomb went off in Manchester, NH and followed you up 93 North.

However, please note that Frank argues that neon was really early [90s fashion][8].

Nevertheless, the 80s were about excess, so flash your fluorescence in the Bunyan Room!

Super 80s-style high five at 80s Day Loon
Frank and J, FTW!

Other things to wear at 80s day

  • Stonewashed or acid-washed jeans
  • Surfstyle windbreakers
  • Fingerless gloves
  • Leg warmers
  • Leather jackets with tassels
  • Zubaz pants

Turn your 80s day outfit up to 11 by costume-ing up!

Picking out an 80s costume is a tough endeavor.  I mean sure, you can be a faceless member of the Bud Light Concert tent, or, you can strap on some zebra print spandex and throw Diamond Dave jump kicks ...


Remember, the stage harness swing is totally rad but against Bud Light Concert tent rules.

Things not to wear at 80s day

  • Bell-bottoms
  • Flannel
  • Yoga pants

As Droz said in PCU, What, you're wearing the shirt of the band you're going to see? Don’t be that guy.

Ever notice that Joe Elliot constantly disregards Droz's instructions in Def Leppard videos? It isn't even subtle - [check out Pour Some Sugar On Me and Armageddon It][10].

Actually, does being in the band count?!

Think about that the next time you are asking yourself what to wear to a Def Leppard concert.

What to do for 80s hair?

Don’t waste your time with scrunchies and headbands … Go big hair or go home.

Ladies, if you want that Kim Cattrall 1980s look, you need to tease it, crimp it, and/or feather it.

Men, your 80s hairdo could be a mullet or a mohawk. Or, go all Flock of Seagulls.

Orrrrr, you could exude unrivaled majesty by rocking a [Tom Selleck power ‘stache][11] ... your choice.

It should be everyone’s goal to stock up on excessive amounts of Aqua Net hairspray and L.A. Looks gel.  While you’re at it, being a bottle blonde can’t urt - the more you look like Jon Bon Jovi (well, 80s JBJ) the better.

Check out his majestic feathered hair in the [Livin’ On A Prayer][12] video!

Again, remember that while the stage harness swing is totally rad, it is against Bud Light Concert tent policy. Same with sitting on shoulders.

So where is this bitchin’ apres ski party after all?

The Bud Light concert tent is located at the base of Seven Brothers, just outside of the Paul Bunyan Room (the best place to get a beer at Loon Mtn) at the address below.

Loon Mountain Ski Resort
60 Loon Mountain Road
Lincoln, NH 03251

About Fast Times Boston

They really are the complete 80s experience: big hair, keytars, neon outfits, shredding solos, and, they play your favorite 80s hits.  All of them.

Journey, Duran Duran, Whitesnake, Debbie Gibson ... all of them.

They even feature [Glen Plake][13] on keytar!

Ok, that’s not exactly true.  But, the mohawk is totally bitchin’

What is the best (and safest) option for Lincoln / Woodstock, NH transportation?

The best way to get around Lincoln, NH on 80s Day is [The Shuttle Connection][14].

For $5/person, they will take you to the mountain, Woodstock Station, and all of the other hot spots in between. However, on 80s day, you will want to call (603) 745-3140 early as they book up, sometimes an hour or more out.

If you are an Uber person, be warned, they are in quite limited supply.

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