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AC/DC The Razor's Edge

AC/DC kicks ass. Imagine writing what may be your best song on your 12th studio album? Who does that? AC/DC!

THUNDER! Nuh-nuh-nuh-nah-nuh-nah-nah-nah! THUNDER!

Veteran Nightlife Commandos AC/DC answer the question, what do you write your 12th album about on The Razors Edge? After writing about the high voltage lifestyle of booze, girls, drugs, more booze, fights, more girls, more drugs, way more booze, more booze AND girls, etc., you must get bored.

What you do is turn your lyric-writing amps up to 11 and discuss the most taboo of all subjects: Prostitutes!

Everyone loves ladies of the night. Which is English for ladies of the noche! Is it because they were Australian that they got away with this? AC/DC never seemed to carry the bad rap that G'N'R or The Crüe had here in America.

The Razors Edge song notes


AC/DC was caught in the middle of a railroad track, and it damn sure wasn't Reading, Pennsylvania, B & O, or Short Line. AC/DC was on the Nightrain, just like G'N'R on Appetite. Except AC/DC was driving that train for a decade before Guns ever came around.

The MTV video's subtle as a brick through a window reference to Beyond Thunderdome couldn't be more appropriate. It's AC/DC's way of letting you know they will take your fuel, your food, and all of your girls too when the apocalypse comes. Which is also right now.

You've been ... THUNDERSTRUCK!

Fire Your Guns

Double-time that hi-hat!

Fire Your Guns is huge in concert (Live at Donington on 8/17/91). Watch the video. Bathe in the mists of rock, an aerosolized mix of mansweat and whiskey that coats the first 11 rows from the stage, from the comfort of your couch.


Simple riffs are usually the best. And french maids. They too are the best.

Come on Come on Love

I wish I had some Angus Bucks! Dude just rips out a bitchin' solo on top of his own version of the U.S. Dollar that is serving as a stage. Then, as the song goes back for the final chorus, AC/DC drops thousands upon thousands of Angus Bucks on the crowd.

AC/DC might lose in a bar brawl (doubtfully), but no one kicks more ass on stage.

The Razors Edge

Thrumming bass courtesy of Cliff Williams. 70s metal vibe. Like cornbread, ain't nothin' wrong with that. The huge rhythm section is welcome. The background chant has piqued my interest. And, it takes one minute and twenty eight seconds for Bryan Johnson to tell someone they are going to die.

Angus Young shreds the aptly-named The Razors Edge. Chris Slade's defibrillating drums should be enough to raise the dead.

The Razors Edge you say. I buy that.

Mistress for Christmas

Pants put together a collection of metal christmas songs to crank at your holiday party. Mistress for Christmas is included. As it should be.

Straightfoward rock. Mistress for Christmas is a heavy pour of vodka, with a splash of egg nog!

Rock Your Heart Out

Bass that Pants would be proud of. I really dig Williams' bass line on Rock Your Heart Out. I will be honest, this song makes me want to brush my teeth with bourbon. Can't get hungover if you don't stop drinking!

The lyrics to Rock Your Heart Out are self-explanatory.

Are You Ready

Are You Ready for a good time? Always, be thy answer.

Got You by the Balls

100x more watts than the NFL. That's 300 if you're counting. Way huge riffage.

Lyrically, Got You by the Balls is a story older than time itself, it is the story of marriage.

Sure, you could take the lyrics at face value and assume Got You by the Balls is written about some band-aid, camp follower who's only in it for the proverbial dollar. But, you'd be wrong. I don't blame you for your assumptions, nor hold your inaccuracies against you.

The song is about marriage, and you cannot convince me otherwise.

Shot of Love

Slade and Williams keep the beat steady over the choppy duel Young Bros guitar work. Speaking of Malcolm and Angus, their tone was always great. Not just good. Great.

Ladies, you've been warned ... drinking with AC/DC is the best shot of your life. And by drinking, we mean relations.

Let's Make It

AC/DC channels Canadia's Bryan Adams. If ever they wrote a pop tune, Let's Make It might be it. You could sub Bryan Johnson out of the song for any number of less vocally harsh lead singers and never know Let's Make It was an AC/DC track.

Goodbye and Good Riddance

Big hits from Slade on Goodbye and Good Riddance. Bands never really had a tolerance for ladies outstaying their welcome. Mötley Crüe did this best with 1989's Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away) off of Dr. Feelgood.

If You Dare

The Razors Edge last track. Love the blues riffage. And the solo. Actually, the all-around guitar work on If You Dare is strong.

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