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Mike Slamer

Call Slamer if Your Album Needs Some 80s Solos.

Recording Artist & Session Guitar Player for some of your favorite Hair Metal Bands.

Mike Slamer
Mike Slamer

Slamer is best known for his guitar work with Warrant. Yes, that's only a couple of solos, but not many folks have heard of the actual bands he's played in other than deep, deep music lovers. Prior to his work with Warrant, he also worked with Kix.

In a 2012 interview, producer Beau Hill gave this quote about Mike Slamer with regard to his contributions to two of Warrant's records, "When we were in pre-production I called a band meeting and I said, listen guys we're competing with the greatest guitar players in the world, everybody from Steve Vai to Warren Di Martini to Eddie Van Halen and I have to be honest with you, I think the songs are really great, but I think we're a little weak in the solo department and so I like to bring somebody in'. And as much as every band in the world never wants to hear that from their producer, I have to give these guys full credit, they listened to me and they agreed to do it and they were real gentlemen about it. We also credited Mike on the record and yet this has always been presented to me as some sort of behind the scenes, subterfuge, kind of secret, but everybody in the band signed off on it and everything was done above ground and everybody participated."

What albums did Mike Slamer play on?

Slamer was recruited to play on a couple of Warrant albums, Cherry Pie and Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich, as well as on Midnite Dynamite, the third album from Kix. Fun story, Beau Hill, the producer mentioned above, also played (keys) on Midnite Dynamite.

According to Hill, Mike Slamer also played on Fiona (Flanagan), The Lost Boys Soundtrack, and even Twisted Sister records.

What original bands was Slamer a part of?

Slamer did release his own album in 2006, entitled Nowhere Land. He also released one with Last in Line's Andrew Freeman.

  • Chris Thompson with Mike Slamer
  • City Boy
  • Devil's Hand
  • Seventh Key
  • Slamer
  • Steelhouse Lane
  • Streets

Did Slamer give guitar lessons to Erik Turner and Joey Allen?

Yes, according to producer Beau Hill, Slamer did in fact give guitar lessons to Warrant's guitar players. Essentially he taught them the parts after he put them on the records.

Check out the interview with Hill here:

Does Mike Slamer have an alias?

Yes, it is Chet Wynd.

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