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Rating: 8/10


Warrant Rock Hair Metal

Warrant had 5-6 solid hits, including the power ballad Heaven, the nuanced blues heavy Uncle Tom's Cabin, and the arena rock anthem, Cherry Pie.


Cool drinks of water, Warrant has thusly been dubbed the White Leather band, by us, for their numerous appearances in the regalia on MTV.

The band notoriously gave the middle finger to Tipper Gore for her stance on the parental advisory label on their second commercially released album, Cherry Pie, with the final track entitled "Ode to Tipper Gore", a track littered with profanity.

The band was also notorious for having Mike Slamer sub-in in the studio to lay down a ton of guitar work. Rock & Rollers, man ... they just need to be good looking, ain't that right? No need to play your own instruments!

Though former Lynch Mob vocalist, Robert Mason is currently in Warrant, the guy you remember singing is Jani Lane.

Warrant Band Members #

  • Erik Turner
  • Jerry Dixon
  • Joey Allen
  • Robert Mason
  • Steven Sweet

Warrant Past Band Members #

  • Jamie St. James
  • Jani Lane

Warrant Albums/Discography #

Warrant's Big Hit Single: Cherry Pie #

Sure, we could have opted for Heaven and it would have done just fine. Cherry Pie is everything you want it to be and more.

Other Warrant Hit Songs #

  • Down Boys
  • Heaven
  • I Saw Red
  • Sometimes She Cries
  • Uncle Tom's Cabin

Warrant Tours #

  • D.R.F.S.R. Tour 1989
  • Cherry Pie World Tour 90/91
  • Blood, Sweat & Beers Tour 1991
  • Dog Eat Dog World Tour 92/93 (Hair of the Dog Tour)
  • 1994 Club Tour
  • 1995 Radio or Not, Here We Come (Ultraphobic)
  • Belly to Belly Tour 96/97
  • Rock Never Stops Tour 1998
  • 2001 Under the Influence Summer tour
  • 2002 Metal Edge Rockfest Tour
  • Rock Never Stops Tour 2003
  • 2007 Born Again Tour
  • 2008 Reunion Tour
  • 2009 Summer Tour
  • 2011 Rockaholic Tour
  • 2012 Cherry Pie 21st anniversary tour
  • 2017-2018 Louder, Harder Faster tour
  • 2019 Dirty 30 Tour

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