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White Lion

Wait, When The Children Cry, and a really solid cover of Golden Earring's Radar Love helped put White Lion on the hair metal map.

Vitto Bratta was a bad ass. White Lion had some crankin' tunes too.

White Lion, a Hair Metal rock band from United States
White Lion | United States


White Lion gave us the double platinum album Pride, which included the hit song Wait. We were (and still are) big fans of Vito Bratta's guitar work all over White Lion's catalog.

We're also big fans of the tune, Little Fighter. Within it's tasty riffage and inspiring lyrics is a song about the Rainbow Warrior, a Greenpeace boat that was sank by French Intelligence while docked in New Zealand.

White Lion Band Members

  • Claus Langeskov
  • Henning Wanner
  • Jaime Law
  • Mike Tramp (Lead Vocals)
  • Troy Patrick Farrell

Past Members

  • Bruno Ravel
  • Greg D'Angelo
  • James LoMenzo (who also played with Diamond Dave and Slash)
  • Vito Bratta

White Lion Albums/Discography

They really played up the lion theme with their album titles.

White Lion's Biggest Hit: When The Children Cry

All in all a pretty good ballad. When The Children Cry got them some notoriety.

Other White Lion Hit Songs

  • Little Fighter
  • Radar Love (Golden Earring Cover)
  • Wait

Reviews of White Lion Albums

White Lion Pride album cover


White Lion