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David Lee Roth

You can take DLR out of VH, but you can't take his theatrics. Diamond Dave was the consummate 80s frontman, with stage moves and jumpkicks for days.

Rock Star extraordinaire, and mouth of the greatest rock band in the 80s.

David Lee Roth, a Hair Metal rock band from United States
David Lee Roth | United States


Dave was the charismatic spokesman vocalist of the luminous band, Van Halen for the first 12 years of the band's existence. When that took a pause - ok, extended pause - DLR went and formed his own band with folks like Steve Vai (Whitesnake), Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big) and a slew of others. He then rejoined VH in 2006-2007, entering the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame with them in 2007. Interestingly enough, Roth only appears on two Van Halen Album Covers.

Roth just retired from performing in 2021 and we wish him all the best. But first, here's Roth performing Van Halen's Jump with Vai in 1986.

Roth, along with Michael Anthony and the two Van Halen brothers, Alex and Eddie, made music history. Setlist after setlist, show after show, stage after stage, Diamond Dave would belt out Van Halen classics like Unchained and Panama in a blur of Jagger-level stage moves that incorporated acrobaticized jumpkicks that flashed his leopard print spandex.

Once again, he was the consummate frontman. Diamond Dave is everything you want as the lead vocalist of a hair metal band, lacking only exceptional vocal power. Which didn't matter, because if you could own the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles in 1984, you could own every crowd.

You knew from the very first time you heard Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love that the Diamond would outshine all that glittered.

Pop didn't shun him. Hard Rock respected him. His only real failing was just not having the otherworldy pipes of his VH successor, Sammy Hagar. But he owned all the cool. And that's what mattered.

Sure, he battled with guitarist Eddie Van Halen and bassist Michael Anthony. And sure, he was bounced from the band. But that wasn't before millions of records sold, hundreds of shows played, and some truly excellent music videos released.

That said, that's all more about his history. DLR's solo career was far less hard rock, and far more neon-electrified versions of turn-of-the-century jazz standards like I Ain't Got Nobody/Just a Gigolo.


The hit: Just Like Paradise

Because Just Like Paradise is more fun than California Girls and Just a Gigolo. Diamond Dave slays on Just Like Paradise. Well, he and guitar god Steve Vai.

Not many people can replace EVH ... but Steve Vai can.

David Lee Roth FAQs

How old is David Lee Roth?

David Lee Roth is 67. He was born on October 10, 1954.

When and why did David Lee Roth leave Van Halen?

David Lee Roth left Van Halen in 1985. He was making an EP and movie (Crazy From the Heat) and some other jazz. The band wanted a different direction. Friction. Stress. All the same stuff.

Who replaced David Lee Roth as lead singer of the group Van Halen?

Singer and red rocker, Sammy Hagar replaced David Lee Roth as the lead singer in the group Van Halen. Gary Cherone of Extreme could also be counted as a replacement for Diamond Dave, but technically he replaced Sammy Hagar for Van Halen III.

How tall is David Lee Roth?

The internet says he is 6 feet tall. Only DLR really knows though. He's tall enough to throw down amazing jumpkicks though, and that's saying something.

What is David Lee Roth doing now?

He is retired. As of October, 2021, Diamond Dave r

Is David Lee Roth Keith Roth's brother?

No. Despite the same last name, David Lee Roth and Keith Roth are not related.

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