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Bad English

When I See You Smile was Bad English's hit song. The guys in Bad English needed luminary songwriter Diane Warren to pen it for them. Whatever works!

John Waite, some boys from Journey, and a few other guys. What could go wrong? Nothing.

Bad English, a Hair Metal rock band from United States
Bad English | United States


Gotta be doing something right if you can get your music into a Stallone and Kurt Russell flick (Tango & Cash). Bad English was another super group where a bunch of guys in other awesome bands.

Bad English Band Members

  • Dean Castronovo (Drums)
  • John Waite (Lead Vocals)
  • Jonathan Cain (Piano, Keys, Guitar)
  • Neil Schon (Lead Guitar)
  • Ricky Phillips (Bass)

Bad English Albums/Discography

Bad English's Biggest Hit: When I See You Smile

When Diane Warren calls, you say yes. This also applies to Richard Marx.

When I See You Smile might just be the lightest song in the overall hair metal catalog. Fluttery piano intro. Acoustic guitar comes in next. John Waite's anything-but-heavy-metal vocals. I mean, the guy wrote Missing You. Also, anyone ever notice that John Waite looks like a cross between David Duchovny and Joe (Anthony Battaglia) from Empire Records?

Waite's song for Vision Quest, Change, is actually a harder tune, despite being slightly more pop, if you can believe it.

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