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Bad English

When I See You Smile was Bad English's hit song. The guys in Bad English needed luminary songwriter Diane Warren to pen it for them. Whatever works!

Bad English, a Hair Metal rock band from United States
Bad English

John Waite, some boys from Journey, and a few other guys. What could go wrong? Nothing.

Gotta be doing something right if you can get your music into a Stallone and Kurt Russell flick (Tango & Cash). Bad English was another super group where a bunch of guys in other awesome bands.

Bad English Band Members

  • Dean Castronovo (Drums)
  • John Waite (Lead Vocals)
  • Jonathan Cain (Piano, Keys, Guitar)
  • Neil Schon (Lead Guitar)
  • Ricky Phillips (Bass)

Bad English Albums/Discography

Bad English's Biggest Hit: When I See You Smile

When Diane Warren calls, you say yes. This also applies to Richard Marx.

When I See You Smile might just be the lightest song in the overall hair metal catalog. Fluttery piano intro. Acoustic guitar comes in next. John Waite's anything-but-heavy-metal vocals. I mean, the guy wrote Missing You. Also, anyone ever notice that John Waite looks like a cross between David Duchovny and Joe (Anthony Battaglia) from Empire Records?

Waite's song for Vision Quest, Change, is actually a harder tune, despite being slightly more pop, if you can believe it.

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