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New Jersey's Trixter debuted with radio-friendly tunes like Give It To Me Good, One in a Million, and sad ballad Surrender.

Paramus, New Jersey's own, Trixter. Trixter brought flannel to glam metal, making it not as glam. Or as metal.

Trixter, a Hair Metal rock band from United States
Trixter | United States


Rumor had it that Trixter appears on the soundtrack for the Richard Greico opus, If Looks Could Kill with a song titled, "One Mo' Time". Contraband and Bang Tango are also on the compilation album.

Also, Steve Brown is bad ass! Dude is in a totally bitchin' 80s cover band (Rubix Kube) that was supposed to play 80s Day at Loon Mountain before it got cancelled by the pandemic.

Trixter Bands Members

  • Mark "Gus" Scott (Drums)
  • Pete Loran (Lead Vocals)
  • P.J. Farley (Bass, Backing Vocals)
  • Steve Brown (Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals)

Interesting note about Steve Brown

He's filled in for both Collen and Campbell in Def Leppard before. Here he is again with Danger Danger. He's all over the map.

Trixter Albums/Discography

Trixter's Biggest Hit: Give It To Me Good

Hey hey baby! Always a good intro to a lady before demanding she "Give It To Me Good".

Other Trixter Hit Songs

Surrender, from the self-titled debut album, was truly an underrated tune.

  • One in a Million
  • Surrender

Trixter Tours

Things got real for Trixter when they opened up for Poison and toured with the Scorpions, Warrant and FireHouse.

  • Blood, Sweat & Beers
  • Hear Club for Men
  • Give It to You Good (2008)

The Dream Come True

30th anniversary video of Trixter live at Meadowlands Arena on April 18, 1991. P.J. Farley and Steve Brown deliver most excellent insight into the band playing their hometown arena in New Jersey. Worth the 20 minutes to watch it.

They received their gold record for their self-title album at the afterparty.

Reviews of Trixter Albums

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