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A group of guys from separate bands in the the Southeast (Virginia/North Carolina) joined forces to build a better band. That band was FireHouse.

Don't treat FireHouse bad. Or us, for that matter, for discussing their handful of hit tunes.

FireHouse, a Hair Metal rock band from United States
FireHouse | United States


Originally forming in Richmond, the band quickly moved down South to Charlotte where they produced a handful of tunes that got some notoriety in the late 80s and early 90s.

Always enjoyed the rockers like Don't Treat Me Bad and All She Wrote. Their balladry plumage was evident on Love of a Lifetime, When I Look Into Your Eyes and I Live My Life For You. FireHouse was just some guys from VA/NC putting in the work, touring long years in Asia after the popularity of hair metal declined in America.

Similar to that hustle and touring drive is FireHouse's relentless approach to releasing different versions of their old tunes to keep them alive, having released the album, Acoustics, in 1996 and, Full Circle, in 2011. The former were acoustic versions of their hit songs and the latter was their best material re-recorded.

FireHouse Band Members

  • CJ Snare
  • Bill Leverty
  • Michael Foster
  • Allen McKenzie

FireHouse Former Band Members

  • Bruce Waibel
  • Dari Seixas
  • Perry Richardson


The hit: Love of a Lifetime

Mega power ballad. Love of a Lifetime is not the best song on their debut self-title album, but it's the most popular.

Reviews of FireHouse Albums

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