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Danger Danger, a Hair Metal rock band from United States
Danger Danger | United States


Rock god Andy Timmons came along and gave Danger Danger a voltage boost to their commercial success. Timmons, Poley, Ravel, West, and Smith was their classic lineup. The band is known for high high vocals, cheesy cheesy lyrics, and lots of fun fun.

Nah, they were way more fun, with feel-good tunes like Screw It's Crazy Nights or the self-titled album's Feels Like Love. Let's be honest, D2 isn't known for putting ink to paper with lyrics that are on par with Whitman, Dickinson and Frost. Sylvia Plath probably wrote more complex short narratives at age 8 than Poley & crew. That's all we're saying.

And you know what? We're here for it. All of it.

Danger Danger Band Members

  • Ted Poley (Lead Vocals)
  • Bruno Ravel (Bass)
  • Steve West (Drums)
  • Rob Marcello (Guitar)

Other Danger Danger Band Members

  • Andy Timmons
  • Kasey Smith
  • Steve Brown
  • Mike Pont
  • Tony "Bruno" Rey
  • Paul Laine

Danger Danger Albums/Discography

Danger Danger's Biggest Hit: Bang Bang

I love Bang Bang. It's so bad and so amazingly awesome at the same time. Poley rocks his trademark sleeveless blue denim jacket with black leather pants look. That's just to let everyone know that his Jersey roots are strong. Probably pulled up to the video shoot in a red IROC-Z.

Other Danger Danger Hit Songs

  • Monkey Business
  • Naughty Naughty

Reviews of Danger Danger Albums

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