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Canadian rock group led by Freddy Curci and Steve DeMarchi. Other members included Roger Fisher, Steve Fossen, and Mike Derosier, formerly of Heart.

More Than Words Can Say put Alias on the radio.

Alias, a Hair Metal rock band from Canada
Alias | Canada


Here is a quote from singer, Curci on what happened to the band after 1991.

"Alias never split. music changed we couldn't get our music out there no one wanted to hear it anymore grunge was in and you know what that Ok cause muisc needs to do that .it needs to change all the time that's how it stays fresh Alias is stilll Steve and I .Alias will always be Steve and I .Steve and I will do a record tomorow if the fans need one!"

That's gotta be tough, as they rose up quickly with the hit song, When I'm With You as Sheriff, prior to form Alias in 1988.

Note: Arnold Lanni was the bass player in Sheriff. He would go on to work with Our Lady Peace for four albums after leaving Sheriff. We think he got the better of it all.

Band Members

  • Chris Sutherland
  • Freddy Curci
  • Roscoe Stewart
  • Steve DeMarchi
  • Wolf Hassel

Past Members

  • Mike Derosier
  • Roger Fisher
  • Steve Fossen


The Hit: More Than Words Can Say

Lots of power ballad'ing going on at six o'clock in the morning. This song was the most 10-ply way to one's baby's heart. Your niece's Wifi-enabled stuffed teddy bear would have harsher things to say.

It doesn't make More Than Words Can Say a bad song. Just calling it how we hear it.

Other Alias Songs

  • Haunted Heart - Can't lie though, Haunted Heart is actually a bitchin' tune. Plus, vocalist Freddy Curci could ensnare some high notes from the atmosphere itself.
  • Waiting for Love - is Hair Metal Marx!

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