Hair Metal

Crazy Lixx

An awesome Swedish throwback to the best decade and music genre of all-time.

Crazy Lixx, a Hair Metal rock band from Sweden
Crazy Lixx | Sweden


Crazy Lixx draws on all of the best hair metal bands as inspiration. You know the names: Guns N' Roses, Motley Crue and Def Leppard. Despite a few lineup changes, including both guitar players leaving at what appears the same time in 2015, the band carries on.

Despite forming in 2002, Crazy Lixx didn't release a debut album until 2007. The hooks, the solos, the looks, the band is doing glam metal right. You won't see them on the list of the best hair metal songs ever, because that's reserved for a different era, a different time. But, they are producing some bitchin' tunes, and that's what matters.

Band Members

  • Chrisse Olsson
  • Danny Rexon
  • Jens Anderson
  • Jens Lundgren
  • Joel Cirera

Former Band Members

  • Andreas Eriksson
  • Christian Edvardsson
  • Loke Rivano
  • Vic Zino


  • Loud Minority
  • New Religion
  • Riot Avenue
  • Crazy Lixx
  • Sound Of The LIVE Minority (Live Album)
  • Ruff Justice
  • Forever Wild
  • Street Lethal

The Hit: Killer

Cause why not. Gotta pick something, right? Plus, the choral lyrics are bad ass.

Cause there's a killer, A killer on the run, Yeah there's a killer, A killer on the run, He's prowling the woods, Out in the night, Looking for blood, And he's got you in sight, Cause there's a killer, A killer on the run

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