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No band did rap-rock like 311. No album did it like Music.

Omaha didn't create rap-rock, but it did create 311. It also had a Stylee, something every city should aspire to have.

Freak Out, Feels So Good, and Do You Right are fantastic. 311 Music is a great way to kick off a career.

Music has higher highs and lower lows than the commercially debuted 311 self-titled album. Actually, that's not true. Brodels isn't that good.

But still, you could see where 311 was going to shine on this early debut album. Sorry, a certified Gold debut album.

Album and Song notes


Freak Out

Opens with a funk(ish) riff, followed by a chromatic run down ... fine, fine work by Tim Mahoney. Freak Out has the energy of a speedfreak with a jetpack.




My Stoney Baby

Nix Hex

Nix Hex is way better stoner music than what can be found on Grassroots and the blue album.


So much can be made just by picking up one note in a riff.

Do You Right

Are you allowed to name drop your next track in the chorus? Do You Right has a catchy main riff. The E to F 1/2 step in the pre-chorus is a novel touch.

Feels So Good


Fat Chance / Fuck the Bullshit [extra]

Arguably the best song on Music. It has great riffs, fantastic bass, the best lyrical flow, which is a boast since Freak Out is boss.

More Music Details

Music Info
Release Date February 9, 1993
Length 46:11
Producer Eddy Offord
Studio NRG Record Studios
Record Label Capricorn | N/A

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