Rating: 7.5/10


Autograph Rock Hair Metal

9 albums, 1 hit. That hit is better than most bands with more "hits". Still, 9 albums is impressive.


Interesting things you should know about Autograph include the fact that their name was inspired by the Pyromania song, Photograph. They also opened a ton of shows for Van Halen on their tour in support of 1984.

Definitely a one-hit wonder band. Definitely a hair metal band.

Autograph Band Members

  • Jimi Bell
  • Marc Wieland
  • Randy Rand
  • Simon Daniels

Autograph Past Members

  • Eddie Cross
  • Keni Richards
  • Steven Isham
  • Steve Lynch
  • Steve Plunkett


The Hit: Turn up the Radio

Solidly bitchin' tune. Pretty self-explanatory what you need to do with it.