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Mr. Big

Eric Martin, Pat Torpey, Billy Sheehan, and Professor/Dean of Guitar Legend University, Paul Gilbert, PhD. Mr. Big wrote To Be With You.

Mr. Big, a Hair Metal rock band from United States
Mr. Big | United States


The late Pat Torpey played with Robert Plant, Montrose, The Knack, and more. Eric Martin had exceptional pipes. Billy Sheehan has sat in with Steve Vai (Whitesnake) and David Lee Roth. And, Paul Gilbert is among the most heroic of all guitar heros.

And yet they are known for an acoustic ballad (not even a power ballad). Mr. Big had some rockin' tunes, but it was To Be With You that everyone knows. This includes a bunch of women who were in their 40s in the 80s.

Mr. Big Band Members

  • Billy Sheehan
  • Eric Martin
  • Paul Gilbert
  • Matt Starr

Mr. Big Past Band Members

  • Pat Torpey
  • Richie Kotzen

Mr. Big Albums/Discography

Mr. Big's Biggest Hit: To Be With You

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Mr. Big Lean Into It album cover

Lean Into It

Mr. Big