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1994's Purple was a fantastic follow up to Stone Temple Pilots debut album Core. With hits like Interstate Love Song and Big Empty (from the Crow Soundtrack), Purple delivers in a way that most mid 90s albums do not. Vasoline is great, Pretty Penny and Army Ants keep driving forward.

12 Gracious Melodies. But really 11. Interstate Love Song, Big Empty, and Vasoline are the stars of the second Stone Temple Pilots album, Purple.

The second album (there it is!) of STP is another album Brenan O'Brien contributed production work on. That guy is everywhere. Here. Pearl Jam Vs. And, some others.

Quite the interesting album cover. Didn't the CD feature the dragon scales as well? Like, yellow-green crayola dragon scales?

One thing about the brothers DeLeo: the do chromatic runs better than any band I can think of. If you're a real musician, please feel free to correct me. But, that's honestly how I feel.

Interstate Love Song video

The silent film beginning was always a weird thing.

Gotta love when rock singers paint their nails and dress up like a pink flamingo.

In other parts of the video, Weiland dressed like a cross between David Wooderson in Dazed and Confused and Charlie Sheen in Two and a Half Men.

The non-singles aren't really that stunning. Purple isn't ascending to any heights previously unseen. But, it's really good.

Purple notes

The Second Album! 12 Gracious Melodies! 11 Tracks. And 1 Interstate Love Song.


The DeLeo brothers called for an up the gut running play on 1st down with Meatplow.

Brash, hefty in sound.

They rock the creepy harmonized chorus that Alice In Chains perfected.

What exactly is a meatplow? Is that a thing? Sounds creepy.


Love the feedback intro.

One of those rare songs that just leans on a basic riff and sounds totally bitchin' for it. Almost sounds like Rage Against the Machine trying to write a STP song.

Scott, you should probably be never without bail.

Also, have you ever seen a fly in vasoline? I haven't.

All of that said, Vasoline is an awesome tune.

There is a certainly lack of stability to this tune. All in the best way.

Lounge Fly

All I hear is Pink Floyd's Division Bell in the reverse(s) and synth. Before the bending guitar.

Some industrial sounds sprinkled into the percussion of the track.

It's almost like Scott Weiland has a different voice for choruses like Axl Rose. It's all over Appetite and Lies if you want to compare. Theres something kind of dope about that.

A fluttery blues solo that never pushes into overdrive on its own.

Interstate Love Song

The hit. Bar bands around the country still play Interstate Love Song to this day.

Everyone loves the romanticism of leaving on a train. Literally, everyone. Almost every band, songwriter, singer, etc. writes a song about late-night train travel.

Still Remains

Still Remains is easily recognizable as belonging to the STP brand.

Lesson learned from Still Remains ... if you should die first, ask if you can bring a friend.

I don't know much about much, but that sounds like an A chord that they are leaning on throughout Still Remains.

The slide guitar that randomly comes in presents an interesting sonic complement.

Pretty Penny

Pretty Penny feels like music that would be created if Eastern Phrygian met European Ionian.

I had honestly forgotten about Pretty Penny for a long time until listening to Purple the other day. It got played on WAAF Boston a ton back in the day.

Silvergun Superman

Almost hard rock in the verse.

Interesting guitar solo(s).

The kind of outro where the mom of the practice house has to tell everyone practice is done for the night for the second time.

Big Empty


Big Empty is a 90s Power Ballad.

Fantastic slide guitar. Big Empty may be my favorite song on STP's second album. It doesn't hurt that it was featured on The Crow, a massively powerful album full of 90s superstars.

A lot of play between the rhythm guitar and the bass. The drums really support the music and lyric writing.

Question for Weiland, the DeLeos, and Eric Kretz, why do conversations kill?


La musica rock!

Another on-brand STP song. Kretz gives us the drums we need on Unglued.

Weiland sings amazingly distinctive chorus. Choruii? What is the plural of chorus?!

Army Ants

The intro to Army Ants is straight from Ten (Pearl Jam).

Good mid 90s solo. Nails the tone and the appropriate amount of notes played for a 90s solo.

A little wah.

Army Ants is a powerful and compact tune. Dig it much.

Kitchenware & Candybars

Fingerpickin' goodness.

Kitchenware & Candybars is quite the song title.

The reverse stroke on the guitar to kick on the distortion of the chorus was the right choice for the song.

The awesomeness of the track's title is equaled by the quality of the song. But really, who said, "Hey, let's name this one Kitchenware & Candybars"? Was it DeLeo I? DeLeo II? Kretz? Weiland?

This song is anything but Kitchenware & Candybars.

My Second Album

Twelve gracious melodies. I enjoyed them!

Not ten, not eleven, not thirteen. No, Twelve.

Love the lounge act. Piano. Jazz drums.

Has any hidden track ever been better than My Second Album? Answer? No.

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