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Rating: 8.25/10


Tesla Rock Hair Metal

Jeff Keith's excellent, Steven Tyler inspired vocals really helped solidify Tesla's place in hair metal history. Combine that with the tasty riffage of Skeoch and Hannon and you've got instant success.


Tesla Band Members #

  • Brian Wheat
  • Dave Rude
  • Frank Hannon
  • Jeff Keith
  • Troy Luccketta

Tesla Past Members #

  • Tommy Skeoch

Tesla Albums/Discography #

Tesla's Biggest hit: Love Song #

Tesla could shred, but they end up being known for the ballad. A huge, huge ballad.

The one problem with the Love Song music video is they cut Tesla's amazing acoustic intro.

Other Tesla Hit Songs #

  • Edison's Medicine
  • Little Suzi
  • Signs (Cover)
  • That's The Way It Is

Tesla Tours #

The band toured with 80s glam stalwarts, Poison, Def Leppard, and David Lee Roth early in their musical career.