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Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper and crew are probably best remembered for their appearance in the most excellent film, Wayne's World. But make no mistake, they had some ripping tunes.

Feed My Frankenstein, Poison, and a whole lot of kick ass. That's Alice Cooper & crew.

Alice Cooper, a Hair Metal rock band from United States
Alice Cooper | United States


Alice Cooper is both the band, as well as the adopted stage name of Vincent Damon Furnier, the lead singer of said band. Alice Cooper (band) spans over several music genres, including Glam, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal and Shock Rock. As to the latter, Alice Cooper's version is a bit more friendly to a commercial audience, focusing on elaborate stage shows and remarkable showmanship.

Alice Cooper (Furnier) is a cultural icon who is into owning restaurants, being in films, and hosing rock shows, including Nights with Alice Cooper.

Band Members

  • Alice Cooper
  • Chuck Garric
  • Glen Sobel
  • Kane Roberts
  • Ryan Roxie
  • Tommy Henriksen

Past Members

Cooper's past bandmates reads a bit like a who is who among studio and touring players. There is Mcdonald, who played in Bon Jovi, Pitrelli in Danger Danger, and of course, Kip Winger, of, you guessed it, Winger.

  • Al Pitrelli
  • John McCurry
  • Hugh Mcdonald
  • Kip Winger
  • Nita Strauss
  • Orianthi


We've only chosen to show Alice Cooper's solo work, and at that, his solo work starting in 1980 and ending in 1991. There were 4 solo albums that he did in the 1970s and 9 solo albums he did starting in 1994 to present day.

Alice Cooper the band put out 7 albums as band from 1969 to 1973.

The Hit: Feed My Frankenstein

Guitar heros, Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, appear out of nowhere to guest star on this track. Enough said.

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