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What a place to start - Danger Danger's second full length album - Screw It, the 1991 follow-up to the self-titled album, Danger Danger. Timmons, Poley, Smith, Ravel, and West get a bit more baudy on their sophomore album. I mean come on, the album's title is Screw It!

Danger Danger's Screw It delivers high pitched vocals, blazing guitar work, and no secrets songwriting. Screw It also boasts a ridiculous album cover.

Favorite 80s band? Favorite singer? Favorite 80s guitar player? No.

But, Andy Timmons is/was bad ass. And he just may be in my "take 3 guitar players to dinner" conversation. And, Ted Poley was no slouch, dude had some pipes.

Screw It! is an album that feels like it was written on the practice room couch, if you know what we are sayin' ...

In many ways, it was a bit unfair for anyone to expect too much out of the Danger Danger's and the Mr. Big's of the world, what with Paul Gilbert and Andy Timmons and all. These two guitar hero's have, in Paul Gilbert's words, played as many notes as grains of sand in a bucket. Or something like that.

I enjoy it. Your mileage may vary. Still, worth a listen, even if you don't love 80s hair metal like I do.

Screw It! notes

Overall, they let Andy loose on this album. His tone is superb.

Ginger Snaps

NSFW. Danger Danger's Rocket Queen, only in your face, like everything else they do.

Monkey Business - lyrics

HUGE vocal opening after Ginger Snaps. Typical 80s fun, uptempo, Fallen Angel sounding riff. Tons of Whoa's, tons of Yeah's. At least a mild attempt at innuendo instead of just broadcasting their desire to spend time with the ladies. Annnnd I spoke to soon, there is the pre-chorus. Timmons crushes the 80s note sweeps at the end of the solo.

Also, who was in the Monkey Business video? Maybe it was guitarist Andy Timmons stellar riffs or something that attracted the ladies. Scorching.

Slipped Her the Big One - lyrics

almost NSFW? maybe? Inspired lyric writing ... for sure. Conjures Winger's Seventeen, but even more lewd. Seriously, WHO is paying for this album to be made!? Questions aside, this song is everything you want your second song to be, bold, brash, everything that directs the listener toward the most talent on the album: track 3.

Beat the Bullet

best song on the album and it isn't close. Amazing, Top Gun "Memories" style intro (Goose (Lt. Nick Bradshaw) is dead, yeah, that part). Totally bitchin' riff. Amazing finger work over the intro riff. I will allow the tip of the cap to Def Leppard's "Photograph" in the chorus.

Love the drawing back of the overdrive for a few bars toward the end ... right before "READY AIM FIRE ... BULLET!"

I'm smitten! Outro solo riff. Please consider this a complete tune.

I Still Think About You

The very worst/best lyrics in the history of 80s hair metal. Slotted in the fourth track*, which is widely the "ballad" spot on any album, this tune says NOTHING that hasn't already been said before. And I love it. Feel the inspiration behind these lyrics, "I still think about you, do you think about me?" Now, they can get away with this because it follows a top 50 hair metal song in Beat the Bullet. Plus, you forget about the cheese once Timmons enters ... though he does cop an Every Rose/I Remember You feel to the solo.

* I don't consider Ginger Snaps to be a true lead track. Hence why it's the fourth track

Get Your Shit Together

You can hear the SRV influence in the guitar work. Plus, that spoken word intro comes back at the end of the album, only less awesome. Or, well, maybe just as awesome ... if you're into crushing Bud Heavy's in a sweaty (probably AC'd) band room with ladies, producers, etc. Ok, just as awesome.

Crazy Nites

Probably the most fun tune on the whole album. Danger Danger LOVES key changes and it shows on Crazy Nites.

Bitchin' tune for sure. It's a "me and the boys" song, talks about all the fun they will have around town, chasing skirts, drinking ice cold cruisers, and generally being bad. Every hair metal band had such a song, perhaps many.

Puppet Show

Pure shredding. Love it. They must have had a little pull with A&R/mgmt. to sneak a minute long solo onto the album.

Timmons is like "Screw this, I'm cranking it up" mid album. Got a Nuno Bettencourt inspired "Do you want to play" from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure feel to it.

Everybody Wants Some

Sounds an awwwwful lot like Lay Your Hands On Me from Bon Jovi's New Jersey. Hmmmm. I do dig the bridge guitar work.

The lyrics are as all Danger Danger lyrics are ... obvious. "Everybody wants some, everybody needs some, oh oh oh oh, how about you?"

Or how about "Love to play doctor with the girl next door"

Timmons refrains from laying down a thousand notes and makes the most of a concise solo.

Gang vocals!

Hey I know, let's just toss out names of cities we've been to! Amsterdam! Fort Lauderdale!

Don't Blame It on Love

Oh man, stronnnnng start to the song. Ravel and Timmons recycle Beat the Bullet a bit. Kasey Smith drops a few crystalline notes to remind you he exists. Love the "Pat Benatar" sounding return to the intro. Poley slays the key change with inhumanly high vocals. Also, it's a baller move to return to the opening line(s) of a song in the outdo.

The tough get going when the going gets tough ... Danger Danger doing Danger Danger things. Could you imagine what writing apps Grammarly or Hemingway would have done to Ted Poley's lyric notebook? "Ted, this album reads at a third grade level"

Absolutely love the vocal rush effect.


Comin' Home

Right about here in the album we need a slow one, says the producer. Timmons Texas slow-hands the in-between lyric riffs like an outfielder patting his glove, dude just wants to stay in the game. Poley mails in the lyrics, more so than ever.

Horny S.O.B.

Really stretching our lyrical capacity here. Obligatory album voice box usage (1x per 80s hair metal album).

Find Your Way Back Home

I swear, more than any other band, Danger Danger ransom noted the lyric writing process. Hey Bruno, I see your, "Don't give up on love" and raise you, "Open up your heart". "Uhh, Ted, this song really needs a, "climb the highest mountain". "Steve, you're a genius!". That's how Find Your Way Back Home was written and I say that with 93% confidence.

Yeah, You Want It!

Where did the Run DMC ripoff come from? Really? This sounds like they were seventy five beers deep in the studio one night and thought, "Oh, we're from Queens, too! How hard could it be to write a rap song?" I mean, they name drop LA Guns, Enuff'Z'Nuff, and Poison in the song.

They even call out Naughty Naughty. They, like Warrant, also call out Tipper Gore for her stance on censorship. Funny enough, it might have the best guitar solo of any rap song, Timmons really shreds. The "Yeahhhhhhhh" at the end comes straight from the Beastie Boys. Was this song a parody? An homage? I'm confused.

Fun fact: You know who was 75 beers deep once? Wade Boggs. Apparently Wade Boggs drank 107 beers on a flight. The world (and the internet) never forgot.


Hey, let's reprise Get Your Shit Together on someone's Gibson hummingbird, that will totally complete this haphazard dedication to ladies, ladies, booze, and more ladies that we are calling an album.

Screw It! facts, details, and other hair metal band fun

Screw It! was released on October 1st, 1991 via Epic (record label) and was recorded at 1991 at New River Studios, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, coming in at a length of 57 minutes and 30 seconds.

  • Produced by Musper, Ravel, and West
  • Members of Extreme contribute to the album, including Cherone, Bettencourt, and Badger
  • 30+ people lent their vocal talents to the backing vocals
  • Bruno Ravel's string quartet family showed up to lay down some strings

Ok, well that wraps up album note #1. It should come as no secret that I enjoy Screw It!, and Danger Danger for that matter, if you know anything about me.

Screw It Lyrics

Monkey Business lyrics

People say I got a dirty mind But you don't think so clean See it takes one to know one And baby I've known some If ya know what I mean

C'mon little sister I could be your mister right If ya got the time So if you're in the mood For a slow poke honey Baby won't you give me a try

Whoa yeah We can do it all day Do it all nite Whoa yeah Ain't gonna stop 'til I get it right 'Cuz there

Chorus: Ain't no business like monkey business Climb on up my tree No there Ain't no business like monkey business Monkey around with me

Ol' King Kong He had a thing for blondes The ladies were drivin' him ape Then that poor boy slipped And he lost his grip From the top of the Empire State

He had a real bad habit Always had to have it Ain't nothin' wrong with that So if ya think that's cool Wanna play in my zoo All ya gotta do is ask

Whoa yeah We can do it all day Do it all nite Whoa yeah Ain't gonna stop 'till I get it right 'Cuz there


Climb on up my tree Just like the birds and the bees A bungle in the jungle Oughta do the trick for me

Slipped Her the Big One lyrics

She looked so sweet in her hi-heeled shoes She really knocked me out I knew exactly what she wanted to do There wasn't any doubt

She looked at me With a spark in her eye and she said C'mon baby we could have a good time So I

Slipped her the big one I really knocked her out Slipped her the big one I really knocked her out

She moved so fast it was quite a surprise I didn't need a shove It felt so good when she took me inside She fit me like a glove - all the way around

One for the money Two for the show I made her an offer and she couldn't say no When I

Silpped her the big one She really knocked me out Slipped her the big one She really knocked me out Slip slip Slipped her the big one Slip slip

One for the money Two for the show I made her an offer and she couldn't say no

Slipped her the big one I really knocked her out Slipped her the big one I really knocked her out Slipped her the big one She really knocked me out Slipped her the big one

A little in 'n' out, in 'n' out, in and out

Slip slip Slipped her the big one Slip slip Slipped her the big one Slip slip Slipped her the big one Slip slip Slipped her the big one

More Screw It! Details

Screw It! Info
Release Date October 1st, 1991
Length 57:30
Producer Erwin Musper, Bruno Ravel, Steve West
Studio New River Studios
Record Label Epic | Epic

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