Heavy Metal Parking Lot is the 1986 Judas Priest Concert movie that features mullets, muscle cars, and metal

What do you usually do when you go to a heavy metal concert? PARTY!!!!!

Heavy Metal Parking Lot - The 1986 Judas Priest video
Insert Keanu Reeves WHOA

We spend alot of time here sitting in hot-tubs, drinking Chernobly and hoping Chevy Chase magically appears and whisks us back to a time when the 80’s party reigned supreme. No greater lense has offered such a clear and chaotic glimpse back into this time of bitchingly loud tunes, dubious morals and free-willed anarchy then that of this random bit of video floating through the interwebs frankly titled: “Heavy Metal Parking Lot”.

One random day, in the Summer of 1986, two hopeful filmmakers showed up at an arena parking lot before a Judas Priest show with one camera, a microphone and no plan. What they came away with was the Citizen Kane of 80’s debauchery (similar to 80s Day).

Let me set the scene: a lot full of Iroc-Z’s, leopard print, big hair and copious amounts of drugs and booze. Maybe copious isn’t the right word here ... let’s go with “A fuck-load of drugs and booze”. As our wayward film-makers descend upon this unexpected madness, it becomes immediately clear that while the music might be the foundation, it’s the party that reigns!

Heavy Metal Parking Lot doesn’t exist to serve as an archival telling of a live Judas Priest show. Nay, it exists to detail the exploits of the definitive generation that lived “Sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll” not as a label but as a way-of-life. When a random scene stealing zebra-print clad concert-goer is asked their philosophy on life, the response is simple, “It sucks shit, HEAVY METAL RULES!”

That pretty much sets the tone of the doctrine of the raucous denizens of parking lots across America at this explicit moment of history when the likes of Van Halen and Motley Crue ruled the adolescent airwaves.

Sex - “Glen Tipton we love you, we wanna fuck your brains out!”

Drugs - “They should legalize drugs man. That is a FACT!”

Rock n Roll “My goal tonight is to sit back, run back to my car, drink a couple beers and puke on some unsuspecting victims.” Priest Fucking ruuuuuuuuuuules!

So sit back and grab a couple dozen Busch Lights, your friend Graham (as in gram of dope) and enjoy the next 16 minutes of beautiful salacious eighties grab-assery. You’re welcome.

Heavy Metal Parking Lot (video)