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Poison Look What the Cat Dragged In

Hair metal. Literally ... hair. And metal. And glam. Glam Metal. Look What the Cat Dragged In, Poison's debut album is half glam, half teased hair, half mascara, and another few halves catchy hooks. About chicks. And ladies. And probably even chicks who like ladies.

Poison’s ultra Hair Metal ode to Aqua Net.

If Mötley Crüe is the living spirit of hair metal, Poison is the physical embodiment. What the hell are they wearing?

I mean, Rikki Rockett looks like a chick anyway. But dude could twirl a drum stick!

Hair, teased, crimped, feathered, layered, all from a case of Aqua Net. The Look What the Cat Dragged In album cover is truly something to behold.

Watch for EVERY technique found in 80s hair metal videos ... drops to the knee, stick twirls, backward leg kicking, pouty faces, eyeliner, guitar swings, dive bombs, pyro, etc.-

It's not the best hair metal album. But it's solid, lands Poison in the Sunset Strip, and sets them up for Open Up and Say ... Ahh!

The back cover to Poison's debut album: Look What The Cat Dragged In
Album art! If you can call it that.

Look What the Cat Dragged In notes

Talk Dirty to Me, I Want Action, Cry Tough, Want Some, Need Some, Play Dirty, and of course, Look What the Cat Dragged In really make Poison's debut album.

Cry Tough

Is crying tough a thing? Other hair metal bands start an album with shredding guitars, huge bass lines, stuff like that. Poison? No such thing.

They debut with such bubblegum fluff like a clean guitar, a basic drum beat, and a song about crying tough.

Pouty lips. Mic stand get togethers. Drum stick throws. Stage rolls. Leather. Who am I kidding, I love Poison.

I wanna cry tough ... out on the streets ... and make my dreams happen

Bobby Dall looks like that new cat from Shalamar, Micki Free. Same goes for C.C., Bret, and Rikki too.

So much platinum hair dye. Well, everyone but Dall.

C.C. changes guitars a few times in the video, cause why not. Confetti. Silly string. (Stripper) glitter. Stage dives.

A hell of a good time.

I Want Action

Yeah, Poison, who doesn't!?

Michaels wants "sweetheart" to jump in the back. Something about showing her something.

Love the denim.

You guys in a band or something!? Love the I Want Action video.

She will do anything for a backstage pass. Do you think she could solve Hilbert or Landau's problems? Or Taniyama or Smale for that matter? I mean, if she could answer a few of Thurston's 24 questions, that would be pretty swell. I'd give her the backstage pass.

Pretty sure every girl has the love Poison needs tonight.

I Won't Forget You

A track 3 ballad. Breaking the mold, Poison is.

Love C.C. taking a call to start the video. Don't worry baby, he's not going to forget you.

When I miss my girl, I ride dirt bikes and hotel concierge luggage movers straight into the pool.

Play Dirty

Sounds like a huge Marshall double stack coming at us. Play Dirty is ready to rock. I mean, the lyrics are, "getting loaded tonight"

Take it down to the bar & grill? Gosh, those are some (cry) tough lyrics.

I wanna start screaming TWO! HEADS! ARE BETTER THAN ONE! with the Play Dirty riff. Totally sounds like the Power Tool tune of the same name from the Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure soundtrack.

C.C. DeVille shows up on the guitar solo though. Dude's wrist moves at 32nd notes exclusively.

Members of the hair metal band Poison include Bret Michaels, Rikki Rockett, Bobby Dall, and C.C. DeVille
Bret Michaels, Rikki Rockett, Bobby Dall, and C.C. DeVille of Poison | Photo Credit to

Look What the Cat Dragged In

Total Cock Rock tune. Oh my god, what DID the cat drag in? If you look (but don't touch), I'm sure Poison will show you.

And there it is in verse two, a girl on the left of me and a girl on the right. Problem solved. Like Clue, it was Bret Michaels, in the bedroom, with multiple women.

OH NO! His hair is in a rat's nest.

C.C. DeVille doing C.C. bends and rapid pulloffs.

Talk Dirty to Me

C.C. DeVille auditioned with Talk Dirty to Me. Phenomenal. Nothing like a guy auditioning bringing a serious hit to the band. It's been one of Poison's best songs to date.

Talk Dirty to Me is 10000000% pure hair metal. It's uncontrollably danceable. Seriously. Such a bitchin' tune.

Rikki Rockett loves showing off with stick twirls, kit standups, stick tosses, and every other 80s drummer attention grabber, like a full on salute.

Hit it, C.C., pick up that guitar and talk to me!

Want Some, Need Some

Rikki Rockett getting his drum on. Nice guitar work by C.C. here in the intro. Good crunch in the distortion. I'm SURE the chorus gets super fluff in about 2- seconds.

Some. That's what Poison wants. Anyone. You there, come over here and give Poison some.

Perfect 80s LA guitar tone on Want Some, Need Some.

C.C. whammying all around. Poison exclaims their indiscriminate nature ALL over Look What the Cat Dragged In. They really don't care who gives them some.

Hey, what's with the weird chimes at the end of Want Some, Need Some!?

Blame It on You

Did Bret Michaels just say Razzmatazz!?

Blame It on You is just a good, straight-forward rock tune.

Babe, if you're reading this, NOTHING is Poison's fault. It's yours.

Dall has some great basslines of Blame It on You. No one said they lacked talent, they just said they look like chicks.

Interesting to note, former guitarist Matt Smith wrote the music for Blame It on You and #1 Bad Boy. He did not regret leaving the band, preferring the look and aggressive playing style of Guns N' Roses to the cosmetically-imbalanced Poison.

#1 Bad Boy

#1 Bad Boy as a riff, says, "I really don't care what your family thinks of me"

Bret Michaels begs to be kicked out, but these fellas aren't exactly wearing the Bruce Lee Enter the Dragon yellow jumpsuit. Can anyone kick in all that leather? David Lee Roth at least worse spandex.

Will #1 Bad Boy stand up on its own? Probably not. It's good late album material.

It's the type of song you let your guitar play mess around with.


Let Me Go to the Show

Rikki taps them in. I like it. Now this is how you conclude an 80s hair metal album. Fun, up-tempo, guitar flare, fun, careless lyrics.

EVERY kid can relate to this song. Getting away form your parents, rocking, maybe drinking a few coors banquets with Johnny Lawrence, and just generally being awesome.

Let Me Go to the Show is a great way to end Poison's Look What the Cat Dragged In.

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