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Bang Camaro Bang Camaro I

Legendary 20-man band does what only a 20-man band can do, destroy!

Bang Camaro's First Album Is Perfect. Truly Perfect.

It startles us to remember that the height of Bang Camaro was already 15 years ago. But rock & roll will never die. And so on the cusp of Bang Camaro III do we give you our notes on this, their debut album.

Sidenote: Maybe Bang Camaro has the singular power to save The Middle East from closing?

Bang Camaro I notes

Push Push (Lady Lightning)

In totally rad news, Director James Gunn used Push Push (Lady Lightning) in the third episode of the hit show, Peacemaker. Word has it that that action might have just spurred on Bang Camaro III.

Swallow The Razor

Hell bent, hell bent for liquor, wine's fine but whiskey's quicker.

What's faster than whiskey? Bang Camaro when they're stealing your girl. That's what's faster.

Swallow The Razor is a driving rock tune that walks the Bang Camaro walk, sonically and lyrically. It's Van Halen's Panama's, angry, younger brother after the divorce. Swallow The Razor is as perfect as a second track gets.

Pleasure (Pleasure)

Pleasure (Pleasure) lives up to its track slotting in the #3 position on the album. Sure, Push Push could have gone here too, but Pleasure (Pleasure) works too seamlessly with how BCI flows.

Steamin' Steve Clark of Def Leppard would be proud of the riffage that Bennett and Necochea cook up on Pleasure. Same goes for the Def Leppard choral parts. Come to think of it, did Def Leppard write this tune?

They didn't. But who cares, it's a bitchin' track and it segues perfectly into Gates of Love.

Gates of Love

The Ballad

Every band worth their salt has a strong power ballad, right? This is the Camaro's.

Remember how we said that the BC Man Choir is faster than whiskey when it comes to stealing your girl? Well too late, you've already lost her now that The Ballad has started.

In fact, that's exactly what the choir is telling you when they sing, "Hey man, it's alright. We're just gonna take your girl home tonight."

Out On The Streets

Live. Love. Die. Rock.

The only four words that you need to know.

You Know I Like My Band

A warning to suitors & suitorettes everywhere, don't come between a bandmate and their band.

You Know I Like My Band is confident. But the follow up, I Know You Like My Band, is 100% pure, Colombian confidence. You can find that track on Bang Camaro II.


Anyone know what this means?

Nightlife Commando

Night! Life! Coooooooooooomannnnndo!

Autobiographical? 100%.

Rock of Mages

A Blitzkrieg of excellent.

Plus, a song with rock in the title.

Rock Rebellion


Bang Camaro

Bang. Camaro.

The only two words in the song. And the song only needs two words. One could even make an argument that it's the band's best song.

Only Bang Camaro and Iron Maiden could get away with that.

Wrapping Up

Bang Camaro I unfolds as a self-contained glam metal opera. Not even a choir pun.

  1. It starts with them trying to convince the girl to make the romance. They build up her confidence by giving her an ultra powerful name, like Lady Lightning.
  2. The inner demon takes over and drinks feverishly.
  3. The promises of what the night brings for her. For everyone, really.
  4. They steal someone's girlfriend and have their way with her.
  5. And then they tell said boyfriend. Openly mocking him.
  6. It's tomorrow and they brave the mean streets of the city. (Boston?)
  7. She's clingy and they gotta ditch last night's triumph.
  8. Whatever F.Y.T.F.O. means. (One of Rock's Greatest Mysteries). Feels like boyfriend showed up for a fight though. But they must take the stage.
  9. They're back to doing what they do best. Playing bitchin' tunes, kicking ass, and talking to chicks.
  10. Boyfriend wants a piece and the band starts the war chant.
  11. Everyone rallies in defiance.
  12. Bang Camaro, like Wu-Tang, forever.

It's a 12-step recovery program that may or may not require penicillin.


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