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Bang Camaro Bang Camaro III

The Man Choir adds ladies, and the ascension continues, further into rock eternity.

Bang Camaro's Third Album Will Be Perfect. Just Like The First Two.

Bang Camaro III notes

Yes. It's finally here. Bang Camaro is back, and they're exactly how you want them: loud and kick ass.

Event Horizon

Event Horizon is BC's scariest track, if only because it reminds us of the absolutely terrifying movie of the same name.

We Know You Know

They DID NOT form this band for you if you hate massive falsetto. We Know You Know is a street fight come to sonic life.

You can't stop the night!

Too Fast to Fall in Love

Picks up right where they left off. Too Fast to Fall in Love could have been on either BCI or BCII, as it has the guitar tones of the former, with the polish of the latter.

Awesome take on a modern video. Check it out.

One Way

80s synth excellence. Some hints of the halcyon days of the legendary Van Halen.

Super bad ass tune.

Battery Man

Battery Man is Bang Camaro doing Black Sabbath, if they could reimagine the (black) magick of Rock Rebellion (BC I) as a Pirate's Sea Shanty.

The Gatherer

Harkening back to Britain's New Wave of Heavy Metal is BC III's, The Gatherer. It's a bad ass tune that could have easily fit right into BC II.

We too have dreamed of fire and ice when it rains.

The Minstrel

Harmonized fanfare! Let's have a Renaissance Faire where we all pretend it's 2010 and Bang Camaro is playing a show at the Middle East in Cambridge.

Begin Again

Awesome tune. Set to 11. Enjoy.

... preferably with a 30 rack of PBR from that market across from the Sound Museum.


Engage is probably our favorite track on the album. Triumphant intro, bitchin' riff, dope chorus, Engage has it all.

Forget the Konami code, we could beat Contra with one life playing Engage on repeat.


Legend of the Night

Only the most accomplished Nightlife Commandos ascend to the upper echelon known as the Legend of the Night.

Legend makes us wanna throw some bands out there as comparisons:

  • Judas Priest
  • Winger
  • BulletBoys
  • Iron Maiden
  • Triumph

BC threw those five in a cup and rolled a Yahtzee.

Never Stop the Rock

Rock and the Night. Two things that will never be stopped. Doz's bass is the third thing that will never, ever be stopped.

Rock'em Deaf

Emergency sirens wail over thick crunchy guitar. The Camaro reigns.

Major choral parts. Great way to move the album out toward completion.

The Singularity

The Singularity is remarkably interesting. It's not how we would have wrapped the album, but we aren't in the pantheon of rock gods. Best to leave decisions to the grownups in the room, which in this case ... this very, very, very arguable case, is Bang Camaro.

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Bang Camaro III Info
Release Date September 22, 2023
Length 47:00
Record Label |

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